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Sky Smith and Ron Jeremy

id gone to vegas for the adult entertainment expo four years ago while i was still working in australa, making bank and feeling on top of the world. id been having a great time at the expo and a few nights before id partied on stage with diplo and went to a strip club to meet pauly d and diplo afterwards. i was fully in vegas mode. the first few nights id racked up a couple of additions to my list, and by that saturday i was at a total of 299. i knew i needed to make my 300 a good one. i wasnt sure i was gonna have another hundred so this might be my last big number to make the most of. numbers have always mattered to me. my list is my collection. ive already written about choosing someone for my 100.

so, i was at the convention and i heard ron jeremy was at a booth signing autographs and squeezing tittes. i was wearing a pink satin and lace neglege and 7 inch white heels for the expo. i went over and there was a large crowd around him. lots of people taking photographs and taking their turn going up to him. a man was taking photos for peoeple with ron so i went up to get my photo taken! well he was quite taken..with me. he was reading my name tag, asking if i was in the business. we chatted a little and when we started posing for photos he started playing with my boobs, sucking on my nipple and making out with me. all the other people watching were snapping pictures. i had my boobs out and ron jeremys tongue in my mouth for everyone to see. when we were done he got his manager to get him a business card and he wrote his mobile number on the back and told me to send him the picture of us.
as i walked away i ran into my friend who happened to be there and see the whole thing. he got loads of pictures of ron sucking on my tits and making out with me. we had a laugh about it and i went back to the booth for myfreecams. i shot ron a text with a picture of us, just so he had my number, but i didnt get a reply.

i went back to my room to recover and get ready for the next club that night. we were going to see zedds dead at the wynn and i was keen to see them. at about 8pm i got a call from a random number, and it was ron jeremy. he called for a little chat. and we ended up talking for about 30 minutes. it was kind of surreal. it wasnt what i expected at all. he invited me to come to a swingers party he was having that night in his hotel room at the hard rock hotel. it was the bowling alley suite used in the real world. he said though, that if i was uncomfortable with that we could go for a coffee another time. again. not at all what i expected. knowing i had to get my 300 done soon else i would have to hold off on getting laid till i found someone, i jumped at the opportunity to go to the swingers party saying i was fine with it. i did however tell him i was going out to a club and wouldnt be free till 2 or 3am. he said that was fine as the party would still be going on. we said our goodbyes and he said he would call later to see how i was getting on. this whole conversation had been a complete surprise, let alone it leading to a meeting and to actually immediately getting a great 300! i still didnt believe it would really happen. he is probably the best person to have for such a great number, a sexual icon.

i went out that night and was having a great time. there were a couple of guys with us, who i wasnt sure who they knew but assumed they were with us. one was pretty cute so i was happy with them being there. we went into the crowd when the djs came on about midnight, and around then my phone started ringing. it was ron. checking in to see how my night was going. i couldnt hear him well but said id be with him by three am. he called a few more times checking in on me. each time i was having to shout to him i was still dancing and would be done later, not hearing him or what he wanted. i didnt really want to leave before the end. but there was no way i was gonna miss my opportunity. so i decided to leave. the cute guy, by now, had made it clear he was there only for me. so he left with me as he was staying at the hard rock hotel too. he said we could share a cab and get myself ready in his room. i had been dancing a lot, and was a little bit trippy still and wanted to get myself together so i agreed. obviously, back at his room he was a bit more into the idea of having sex with me, than sending me off for ron jeremy to fuck. however i had explained earlier in the night that he would have to wait till after ron. no matter what. i reinforced this a few times and after telling him i do indeed want to fuck him but would not ruin my numbers for a random fuck, he conceded. i was really nervous as i made my way in the elevator to his floor, and even more nervous as i walked down the hallway in my thigh high lace up creme leather boots and short gold and creme dress. i thought it looked so obvious what i was about to go do.

i dont know if ron came out to meet me or how i got inside and met him, but when i got inside the suite you could definitely tell it was the tail end of the party. i was lead into a side bedroom and there was another woman and man in there with us. i know there was talking but i dont know what else was happening in that room.i think ron played with my pussy for a bit. but the first parts are a bit blurry now. but the memories kick back in when we get to a round leather bed in a corner of a room that was also a kind of hallway. there was a cut out in the thick orange wall, next to a archway, looking into the living room. and the other side of the bed was a hallway towards the bathrooms. people were still wandering back and forth as ron pulled me down the bed and got on his knees between my thighs. ive never felt any ones tongue move the way rons did. it vibrated on my clit and up and down my pussy. i trusted that with the amount of experience he has, i could totally relax and let him work on my pussy. it was definitely different from your average man. it didnt take me long to reach that feeling of my orgasm building. one leg was over his shoulder and the other foot on his thigh and rubbing his cock as i came against his tongue and mouth. he stood up and grabbed his cock by the base of the shaft and his monster 9 inches filled up with blood. he kept the enormous length hard by keeping his hand in place on the base and let me take it between my lips as much as i could. i kissed that famous cock before he began using it on my pussy. sliding it up and down my wet slit, pushing at the entrance to my hole, teasing in the tip, getting me used to the girth.  he worked it in inside me and fucked me with long strokes. and now the sex amnesia sets in. i know people walked past and chatted a bit while we were fucking. im not sure if we did different positions or if he stayed standing up between my thighs, as i lay back on the bed and used my legs around him. he kept his hand on his cock to keep it hard as at 4am after a night at a swingers party at the age of 65, there wasnt much blood left for the huge thing. i wish i had more details on how we ended. did i cum? did he cum? im not even sure. but after we finished we both lay on the round bed in the corner or the room and he had me cuddle up to him, under his arm, my head on his chest. he wanted to talk and cuddle and i listened as he told me about his time in england on “the farm” tv show and about him having the most music video appearances ever, after finding out i used to work in the music industry. he would occasionally fall asleep mid sentence and i would just lie there, slightly uncomfortably for what felt like 20 minutes at a time, until he awoke and carried on with the rest of the sentence. a couple of guys were still milling about and i didnt just want to bang and bail on ron jeremy. but i also wanted to bang and bail. on about the 3-5th time he fell asleep, i slid out from under his arm and wandered off to find my clothes and bag. i, however, found a man who wanted to pitch me an idea for a reality tv show he wanted to produce and the role he would have for me in it. this took a long time. unfortunately i had not managed to locate my phone so needed his assistance with his “find my phone” app. luckily after a little search we found it in the side bedroom where we had started. i was all ready to go and luckily ron appeared again. as did his female double. a short round, glamorous lady, with masses of bleach blonde hair piled on her head and stilettos so high she was on her tip toes. she tottered around him, chatting away in a deep spanish accent. she was around rons age, as well as his shape, and face. i told him i needed to get going. i wanted to go to bed. but i mostly wanted to revel in what had just happened. the crowning glory of the evening was ron and his lady double walking me to a cab. at 6am. at the hard rock hotel. on the weekend of the AVNs. with me in thigh high boots and her clinging on to me, kissing me. every person on the casino floor noticed us. well. noticed him. everyone was calling out to him and coming over to get his picture, while mrs ron and i had to stand by and wait, which drew everyones attention to our walk shame to the taxi rank. it was very obvious what had just happened. and eventually we made it to the, thankfully empty, taxi line. he was a complete gentleman saying goodbye. he gave me cab fair and told me i was the best sex he has ever had! i appreciated the words and his manner. despite knowing who he is and what he has done, he still likes to make each lady feel special and appreciated. with a big grin on my face i let him close the door behind me and wave goodbye to him and his lady double.

as soon as the cab pulled onto the road i called my best friend to tell her all about it. when i got back to my hotel i snapped a picture of me in the mirror as i went up the escalator, i was incredibly disheveled, my dark make up looking tired, my dress riding up and my gold boots completely incongruous at 7am on a sunday. i had a smirk on my face in that picture and for the rest of the day knowing id got my 300. i had fucked the icon ron jeremy.

Sky After Fucking Ron Jeremy
Back at the hotel after the Ron banging!


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