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im a girl who likes boy booty. i like a peachy round ass. i like grabbing and squeezing muscular, meaty cheeks, as well as spreading them and burying my face in them and tongue fucking their holes. i like using fingers inside them while i suck a nice big cock. and ive been lucky enough on a few occasions to see their rosey ass hole get stretched out and used by my strap on or a dildo. ive also fisted a couple of asses…but thats a bit too much for me. i like a bit more of a innocent asshole. and it hurts my hand. i actually dont remember the first ass i fucked. it might have been for someone who paid me to do it. in fact i might only have gotten balls deep in a fuck buddys ass for the first time last year. i had a spell of meeting people off a swingers site for kinky fun and i bought a new strap on especially for one of those guys. who i think also gave me his anal virginity. but i dont want to talk about him. that was too long and elaborate to write right now. this is about the anal virginity i took a couple of weeks ago with a guy who doesnt seem to have had anyone to play with his ass at all before me.
he lives in a small town in central florida which is very conservative and not many new and interesting sexual people visit.

the first time i fucked him it was just normal sex. mind blowingly good normal sex. i came as soon as his cock slid in my pussy. he was the first person to fuck me in four months and i really needed it. his body is a 10 and his cock is really nice. we fucked 3 times and he made me cum about 10 times. it was some good sex. i already knew he was up for more kinky fun. but we just got so carried away with just how good the sex was and how well we fit. he is strong and sensual and passionate and just knows how to make his body work with mine. but that isnt what im supposed to be writing about.

the next time i saw him we knew we were going to be doing more things. i packed my strap on and toys and this time we didnt waste a few hours talking and getting to know each other. as soon as i arrived i jumped in the shower to freshen up, then i jumped on him. we got one regular fucking out the way first and then lay around naked, smoking a joint, chatting, me stroking his body and caressing his soft dick. but it wasnt long before he was ready to play again. this time we wanted my cock to be a part of the fun. i was so excited i got the strap on on and ready, sucked his cock for a bit, got the lube and lined up my dick with his ass. and it wouldnt even start to go in. he was so tight and nervous. he was on his back with his legs up for me displaying his ass like a good boy. but in my excitement id barely even warmed him up. i had to gather myself and start again.

i slid up his body, kissing, licking and biting all the way. as i was kissing him i could feel my cock against his crack and i kept grinding my hips, teasing him with my cock, rubbing it over his balls and dick.i worked my way back down his body until his cock was in my mouth again. this time i took my time. i worked on his cock getting it nice and wet before i moved down to his balls and finally his crack. i lifted his legs up again so i could get my mouth on his soft asshole. it was already less tight and the more i licked and sucked at it, dipping my tongue in, the more ready i could tell he was for my cock. i love licking ass and could do it for hours, switching up with the cock and balls. but i knew i wanted to take advantage of how much he was enjoying it. i sat back up between his thighs and re lubed my cock. my pussy juices were already dripping down my thighs as i lined my cock up with his wet and wanting hole. this time the head popped in easily. this was still his first time tho, so i had to very very slowly work it in. his cock was rock hard on his stomach between us and i stroked it for him as i kept pushing my length into him. about half way i started slowly thrusting in and out, getting him used to the feel of getting fucked. i reached over and picked up my vibrator and slid it down my panties. it was so fucking sexy having him on his back, legs back, hole spread so i could see my cock sliding in and out of him, his perfect dick and balls hard and tight above it. it was such a good view. he started taking more and more of my cock as i started speeding up my rhythm. then i put my hands on the backs of his thighs as i really started fucking his ass with the full length and force of my cock. i could tell he was really enjoying it now. something had changed from him tentatively figuring it out, to him loving getting fucked. he was stroking his cock for me now and the vibrator on my clit, along with the view was getting us both close to cumming. he took it well for a bit longer, but much quicker than i expected he said he was going to cum. i kept pounding his ass until his cock started to jerk and he exploded all over his hand and stomach. as his cum was flying out the tip of his cock my orgasm ripped through me and i ground against him. i had to pull out of him while i was still quivering so i didnt hurt him. it popped out of his now slightly less tight hole and he lay there covered in cum and lube. he had left his mark on my cock so i went to the bathroom to take it off and clean up, then he went and showered, before we could finally collapse on the bed and revel in what had just happened. he definitely enjoyed it and it was one of the sexiest things ive got to see. i keep remembering how it felt to have my hands on the backs of his thighs while my cock stretched that asshole. there was something so fucking sexy about that i cannot get it out of my head. every day i think about it and want it. i dont think we had sex again that night after that, he was spent. so i left in the bus. but we knew that wouldnt be the last time i got to play with his ass.

a few days later he messaged me telling me he has brought a anal training butt plug set and that he has been using it, getting himself used to it for me, stretching his ass. he is up to the second one. he has told me he wants me to slide it in his ass and then fuck me with it still in him. that is so fucking hot. he also told me he wants to try riding my cock cause he thinks he will be able to take more. i think he has turned into my anal slut. and i love it. alpha in the streets, freak in the sheets. its my favorite. he in no way seems like he would be such a good little cock slut. i cannot wait to do more with his beautiful butt.


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