…went older for the first time in a while


so it is widely known that my usual victims are in the 18-22 age bracket and that sometimes is pushed to 24. well in Vegas there seemed to be a lot less younger guys. one night after a night out partying with a local cam girl, we ended up in a casino playing blackjack. a rather attractive man, 199, joined our table and i told the girl that i was gonna have him. he was clearly out of my usual age range but he had a great face. after several hour of blackjack and a 4am burger and shake we ended up at mine on the bed watching tv. we were just chatting then he kissed me. and it was good. he already had his shirt off and he pulled me on top of him. after a fairly large amount of dry humping, which i love, i sat up and took my dress and bra off and got him naked. i started licking his balls and up the length if his circumcised cock and gave him my best blow job, swallowing him down my throat and gettin it really wet. i rubbed it all over my face and went back to his balls, working lower till i was teasing his asshole with my tongue. i stayed down there for a good 30 mins. i was loving his cock in my face. i was so wet and could wait to tease his cock with my pussy. i slid up his body and kissed him as i started grinding my wet pussy against him. he slid my panties off and tried to slip his cock inside me. i shook my head and took him by the wrists and held his arms over his head whilst grinding against him. i teased my clit and the entrance to my pussy with his cock and started letting just the tip inside me. i was so wet it was all over my thighs and his stomach. he was flexing his cock so it would go inside me but i kept making him wait. eventually i knew i needed to be filled up and kissing him deeply pushed down hard taking him all inside me at once. we gasped and i ground against him letting him slowly thrust into me. it didnt take long till he started to cum and he moaned and bucked against me for ages. just as his orgasm subsided mine took over and i came hard and deep on him, my pussy clenching around his cock and my wetness spreading everywhere. we lay there kissing, my pussy twitching till his cock popped out of me and i rolled off him totally satisfied. he got up and showered and after no sleep he had to go to a breakfast meeting with a client, leaving me curled up in bed basking in the intensely erotic sex id had with my first older guy in a while.


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