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so i posted this on Amber Cuties Forums the other day. thought you guys might like it. i have a picture to add too when i find it and upload it!

i have a real thing for peen.

i LOVE a beautiful cock. and damn i know one when i see one or feel one.

a beautiful penis can do anything to me, go anywhere and the owner be treated like a king.

the best thing about a beautiful peen is that i just want to rub it all over my face. i want to hit it on my cheek, rub it on my lips and tongue and generally just use it as a face massager. i cannot get close enough to it.

now as to what actually makes me weak at the knees, it would have to be, a weighty cock. about 7-8 inches long and with its girth proportional to its length. i know one guy who was 8 inches long and 8.5 inches around. i enjoyed that. i dont think i have encountered one i think is toooo girthy. girth = good. but again, in proportion. i LOVE uncircumcised, controversial i know, but its what i like. more to play with! i also love balls! weighty, tight, trimmed balls. i hate guys who have shaved, cause they dont do it well enough and their hair is too thick and stubbly. just trim, short enough to not rele notice hair, but not too short as to be prickly. put your weighty, firm balls on my face bb. and damn, let me slap/flop/ping your weighty, well proportioned cock off my face all day. i will lie between your legs and worship that cock for hours if it is beautiful.

now i want peen even more


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