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Fuck SnapChat

They deleted my account. For a non rule violation. So now I’m sharing my life in much greater real time detail on OnlyFans.
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…told you about my list.

I have written about my list before, but here we are again. I remember sitting in class, age 15, with my girlfriends and we were…
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Hangtown Motocross Track From The Campground

…had a threesome in the Bus.

The little bus is currently broken down in the middle of nowhere Texas. The mechanic said we are officially 50 miles from anywhere. But luckily…
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Pixelated Male Nude

…nearly missed a 10!

13th November 2107 The last day or so has been eventful. I was in bed on Saturday night, about 10.30, gettin high, relaxing and tindering…
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Naked in front of the bus

…took an anal virginty

im a girl who likes boy booty. i like a peachy round ass. i like grabbing and squeezing muscular, meaty cheeks, as well as spreading…
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Sky Sucking a dick smiling

…used a glory hole

i have attempted to write this story about four or five times now and i still dont know what tone i want to give it.…
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Sky Smith and Ron Jeremy

…fucked Ron Jeremy

id gone to vegas for the adult entertainment expo four years ago while i was still working in australa, making bank and feeling on top…
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Pegging That Ass

…couldnt keep up!!

im already way behind on what ive been up to. thursday night i had a threesome with step brothers. we roleplayed me being their older…
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…buried my face in a peach

im wide awake again and just had another mind blowing sexual experience. i am so glad i am settling into my sexuality and enjoying being…
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…came back to my blog

i have been back in england for a month now and im finally settling in again. ive had 3 tinder dates and i am in…
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Gangbang Gang

…had a footy team

this story is about a really full on night where I did some fairly bad things. i should say im not proud of my actions.…
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Farmer Sky

…had to be very quiet

i wrote this in chat with my friend when i was on my second farm. i have edited out their responses but thought you might…
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Perfect big dick

…posted about peen

so i posted this on Amber Cuties Forums the other day. thought you guys might like it. i have a picture to add too when…
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Unit hat silly nails

…got paid for sex

hmm, there is a pre story to this, as usual, which i could go in to now, but i think im gonna save for a…
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kissing in vegas

…nearly got married

so this story isnt as boring as it sounds. it is pretty much the almost perfect vegas holiday romance. i had had a pretty crazy…
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Sky On A Boat

…took three loads

in the spirit of new motivation i thought id start by telling you about last night. ive even sat at a desk to write. i…
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topless in the ocean

…started a plan

i am feeling very motivated, if a little tired right now. just spent the day with my flatmate and two girls and ended up sitting…
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platinum blond extensions

…pondered potentials on the bus

so i find myself often playing along with boys that im not necessarily that interested in. texting them and tentatively discussing future plans, like meeting…
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pool sex

…left town

last week i left the town i had been living in for the past 4 months. i had a long list of people i wanted…
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…got walked out on

so friday night i met a dude. he was hot, in a hipster way. an aussie model. anyway, i took him back to mine and…
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…had bandaged sex

i am still in bed recovering from my scooter crash and just had my personal trainer over to give me a nice relaxing rub down.…
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…had my first orgy

i am supposed to be working right now but i cant stop thinking about last night and havent had any mates to talk to about…
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boy in a tiger hat

….monday bank holiday

so being away from london, away from phone signal, away from internet has got me feeling much more pensive. been thinking about exs and me…
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…boxing day blogged

so it is the day after the big event. except i don’t think ours is a big event. its me, nan and mom and we…
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…had christmas early

sunday so i know i missed a few days but my dad came to mine this weekend for an early christmas. was lovely. and cause…
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…blogged on the loo

so today im on the toilet blogging. it is too late reallly and i wanted an early night and i didnt do anything i planned…
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…got let down

tuesday today was tuesday. i woke up late cause last night i was up late chatting to boys on line! 122 was meant to come…
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…wrote about today

so after the drama of the weekend. it has been catching up a bit today. me and 117 chatted this morning and he told me…
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…had birthday fun

it was my 19th birthday at a club in my home town, when it turned midnight, onto my actual birthday i decided i wanted to…
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…had a boyfriend holiday

this week i have discovered a brand new and exciting experience that i have thought would be a good idea. and worked really well. i…
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naked mirror selfie

…had a big weekend

my sex drive is going sky high at the minute and i cant stop getting insanely horny no matter how much i am fucking. case…
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…updated my to do list

just in case you were wondering how i got on with my single plan to do list i thought id update it. not sure i have…
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