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i have attempted to write this story about four or five times now and i still dont know what tone i want to give it. maybe that is the point. it has to be both. it was fun, crazy, sexy, exciting but it was also boring, gross, unnerving and unsatisfying. as was my host. id met him on tinder two or so days before and had immediately got onto the idea of having a night of crazy sex. he was in a open relationship and likes playing with men and women. i had been searching for some bi MMF time and had been struggling to find what i wanted. the day before i had even swore off tinder as a waste of time at finding me good sex with good people. we clicked instantly and were planning how we could live out some of my fantasies. we decided we would use craigslist to advertise and get our selves extra people to come over and play with us. we swapped ideas of the combinations of dynamics we wanted to try out. me controlling him and another man, getting fucked by him while he got fucked in the ass, letting random guys come over and use me in a sleep rape role play, me just getting to watch him with a guy like i wasnt there, him controlling me while another guy fucks me, etc, etc, etc! i was so excited and so turned on, but had to wait till the next night to see him. i filled in that night with another guy i found on tinder. but that is a different story.

346 lived in down town san fransisco, and it was saturday morning, and i could not find a parking space at all. i drove around for like 30 minutes getting more irate and less horny by the second. eventually i found a spot opposite his building down the street, which wasnt great as it was insanely busy and had so many homeless people hanging out there, one had even set up a tent. and i had to pay for it. i hate leaving the bus at the best of times. eventually im ready to go up to his apartment and meet him. he wasnt as cute as his pictures, but i also hadnt seen many pictures. i was too turned on by the idea to care really. he had some work to be doing….

here is where i am going to have to refer to my previous writing, because, a, i cant remember what happened next and b, i cant be bothered to write it all again. and c. i dont even know if the boring section of the day even needs covering….

so…back to what i do remember.
as soon as he came back from getting the coke he emptied some out on a plate and racked up a few lines. all his plans for working more went out the window and now it was time to party. i was ok with that. coke makes me pretty edgy so i have to work hard to stay relaxed, in my body mostly. sex is a way to utilise that energy. unfortunately sex with me wasnt on 346s mind. as soon as the coke hit the back of his nose he was on his computer, on craigslist setting up a ad. only, he was also looking at ads on his phone, and pacing around the room, and smoking, and doing more coke, and messaging people and giving me zero attention. somehow we decided on doing a glory hole. maybe it was less of a decision and more of a “why have you advertised a glory hole for men to get their dick sucked by just a guy” question from me, and the answer that he thought it would be a chill way to start. to my surprise he actually had a glory hole set up. literally a home made glory hole that fit his hall way inside his front door, made of fabric, that i had to help him get out the closet and re hang. apparently he had only just that last week, filled in the holes from the hooks he had up there for it, as he hadnt planned on using it again….whatever. this was clearly his plan all the way along. i barely existed. he was a flurry of posting terrible ads on craigslist, googling anonymous photos of blonde curvy women, and presumably, short chubby dudes too, so as to not use our real photos and replying to any and all messages from people no matter how gross they were. he said when he did coke he was a fiend for cock and he wasnt wrong. i tried to initiate some sexual action for me but his minute attention span would not allow it. after a couple of hours he announced the first guy was coming over. but that it was for him only. i wasnt supposed to be there. he rushed about doing coke, cleaning out his ass, setting up the room, finding glory hole porn, and still messaging with the other men who were responding to the ad for either him or me. i just sat back on the bed and let him get on with it.

he got the text from the first man saying he was downstairs and 346 buzzed him up. i sat up the end of the bed you couldnt see from behind the curtain and was told to make sure i was silent. we waited anxiously for the knock at the door. eventually it came. he was curt with him and told him to not touch the fabric. behind the curtain a belt buckle clinked and a soft brown, ugly dick, surrounded my dark wiry hair came though the hole. 346 grabbed the cock and stroked it a bit before popping it in his mouth. it got slightly harder, and he worked on it for a few minutes but couldnt get a rise from it. i wondered what would happen if he couldnt get hard or couldnt cum. thought about how awkward it could be, but before i knew it 346 as using his hand on the semi limp dick, vigorously wanking it on his face, mouth open, telling him to cum in his mouth.  and he did. it was so quick i was surprised. the man behind the curtain muttered some thanks and slowly did up his pants and buckled the belt, rearranging himself, before he opened the front door again and shuffled out. 346 ran to the bathroom to wipe his face then went to the kitchen and got a small glass and walked back into the living room, where he dribbled the strangers cum from his mouth into the glass for me to see. to be honest, i was horrified he had kept it in his mouth that long. i fucking hate cum really, its gross, especially old, cold cum. but i smiled at his fantasy, he wanted to fill the cup up that night.

more coke and messaging ensued and another cock got booked in. unsurprisingly it was another cock for him. this time he was getting fucked in the ass. i got to warm him up with some of his toys and i think i got to use his bigggg 10 inch long and im sure, 10 in around, dildo, on him. i felt incredibly powerful with that monster between my legs and he took it easily. his toy collection was extensive and very very big objects. i was actually quite surprised. he clearly was much more experienced with guys and ass than anyone id fucked. when the next guy arrived i got to see how impressive his blow job skills were too. this time it was a large, hard, black cock that came though the hole. he worked on that cock for a little bit before he swallowed it whole. it just disappeared down his throat. his face pressed against the strangers groin as he groaned at the unexpected accomplishment of 346s deep throating. he didnt want to get him too excited with his mouth because he wanted that big dick in his ass. so he grabbed a condom, got it on the disembodied dick, turned around and lined it up. after the warm up id given it, the cock slipped inside him easily. he let him use his ass for a while and told the stranger to let him know when he was ready to cum cause he wanted it in his mouth. it wasnt long after that that 346 spun around and pulled the condom off and started wanking the cock onto his face, switching to deep throating it before he pulled it out again and let him cum on his face and in his mouth. he wiped the excess cum off his face into his mouth and went over to the glass and added the next load of cum to the collection.

….it is now about a month later and im gonna try and finish this. i dont even remember what happened next now. i cant remember if there was another cock or if the next one was mine. pretty sure it was a old guy for me. i wasnt supposed to be caring about whos penis would be getting shoved through the hole, but i had hoped for a slightly better first glory hole dick. i let 346 deal with the speaking to him and telling him how it would go down. i was pretty excited cause ive always liked the idea of getting used as a fuck hole by anyone, not even caring what they are like. this didnt fail to live up to that. when he arrived i could tell he was nervous and was way more talkative than the other two guys, but 346 kept him in line. and i took him in my mouth. i sucked his cock for a bit before i rolled a condom on him and bent over for him to fuck me from behind. i was enjoying the sensation but i dont think it lasted that long. when he pulled out saying he was done there was no cum anywhere. he was very grateful, offering profuse thanks and awkwardly saying things like he hadnt done this before…obviously. when he left 346 went out in the hallway to see if he could find any evidence of cum but he couldnt, so we just assumed he gave up due to the pressure of the moment. he seemed like he enjoyed it anyway and i was glad my pussy was appreciated in the hole.

i definitely needed more dick tho. the day just wasnt cutting it for me as to what i had been expecting. so when we had another message from a young black guy with a 9 inch cock who was happy for both of us to suck i got 346 to get him over asap. he was out in oakland, but wanted to come downtown to us, so it took a while. time that 346 didnt waste on trying to convince him to fuck him in the ass. the boy didnt concede but i was happy, i get to share him in my mouth and have him to myself in my pussy.

when he arrived i could tell he was well dressed and young. he pulled his semi hard cock out for us and stuck it through the hole. and there it was. a big black cock waiting for us. i got to take him in my mouth first but as it was so big i let 346 go to work on deep throating it. the guy groaned at how good he was at sucking dick, which turned me on a lot. we shared his cock for a little while till i wanted to slip that condom on and bend over and give him my pussy. at first i didnt think id take it all, but it wasnt a rock hard cock, so it filled me up and stretched me without hurting me. that was so hot, taking it all. before long, he put his hands through the hole and onto my hips so he could fuck me better. his dark hands looked so sexy on my pale ass as i looked back watching. 346 gave me his fat cock to suck on while i was receiving the black monster in my pussy and i was in heaven. we told him to let us know when he was ready to cum, and after a good fucking, where i came with the vibrator on my clit and cock in my mouth, he was ready. i let 346 work on it with his mouth a little longer, it was like magic how he took it all down his throat, and i took over at the end so he could cum in my mouth. my immediate instinct was to swallow it, so unfortunately i didnt add his load to the collection in the glass, but i kissed 346, sharing the taste. we offered each other many thanks back and forth and he did up his pants and left.

we had been chatting to another guy, but by now we were pretty much done with the idea of the glory hole, and were out of drugs. so we got into bed and watched some tv. i had my bus parked on a sketchy street, so as we were getting snoozy, i decided i wanted to go sleep out in the bus to make sure she was safe, so i said goodnight and planned on popping back in the morning. i slept pretty good after all that.

the next morning i went in to his apartment again to say bye and hang out a bit. we had a little bit more sex and a line of coke that mysteriously was discovered, for breakfast, then we said our fair wells and i went off into san fransisco to process the previous 24 hours! it was a confusing mix of fun, gross, sexy, horny, wierd, boring, hot, disappointing and eye opening,it has been so hard writing this for me, as im still confused over if it was a good time, or if i just had a new experienced and saw some stufffff! i probably wouldnt have chosen to do that exact scenario if i had known in advance. but i was so horny and needed something really dirty, so it definitely ticked that box!

i think i had a night off that night but san fran had a few more dicks in store for me. but for now, ive finally finished the story of my first time i used a glory hole!


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