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13th November 2107
The last day or so has been eventful. I was in bed on Saturday night, about 10.30, gettin high, relaxing and tindering when i found this amazingly hot dude who had too many pics with his kids. normally that is a automatic swipe left but this dude was just too hot….and he also looked a little too much like a older version of a evil ex, so i swiped right. we matched. and pretty much straight away he messaged saying he thought we were meant to hang out. then i realized it was a guy id matched with like a month ago and spoke to a little on snap but i wasnt sure, he only had one pic and looked a bit rough. but it turns out i was wrong. he was stunning. so almost immediately i took the bus from my cosy spot in the walmart parking lot, over to his house.
it was decked out in kids stuff, but he had his shirt off and nothing else mattered. we talked a bit and smoked a little outside. he was the whole “fucked up childhood, bad parent relationships, jail, babies by two moms” kinda boy i used to love. and he was so so so beautiful. but we didnt have much to talk about. after being with the guy in Eureka for 5 days i was just glad to speak to someone i wanted to be talking to! so i said loads of words at him and all my ideas, he smiled a lot and said “that’s sick” or something similar about 100 times. he definitely seemed interesting but as im never gonna be here again i was more interested in getting naked. it was really sexy. he is a amazing kisser and his hands and mouth were everywhere. he is tall and lean and big. he kissed deeply and passionately, almost desperately. i felt like he couldnt grab enough of me at once. my body was just his to mold and move and use, all with his mouth and big hands. he picked me up and carried me into his bedroom i was able to get my mouth on his massive, perfect, hard dick and his hands never left my body. we were bent around each other, i couldt even tell which way was up and i didnt care. ive already forgotten how we fucked, i just remember his body above me, watching his muscles under his tanned, tight skin, and his face as he fucked me hard and fast. thats annoying i dont remember it already! i was kind of self conscious and it wasnt orgasmic for me. i was just enjoying how much this gorgeous man was enjoying me and letting him enjoy it how he liked. i mean, it felt great and was great sex, i just wasnt focused on my orgasm, rather, the experience as a whole. when he was ready to cum he wanted to cum in my mouth. there was so much and it felt pretty good to be honest. he ran straight off to the bathroom to clean up and pulled on his pants. i was still all kinds of turned around still but i got my clothes on, very slowly and joined him in the living room. we chatted a bit more and when it got a bit awkward we were figuring out when we should go to bed and if i would stay. so i just put it out there “can i put your penis in my mouth again?”. this time i really got to spend some good time with it. i love feeling a man react while i enjoy playing with their cock and balls with my mouth. i can stay down there for hours! esp when they are as perfect, smooth, soft, hard, taught and big as he is.
he is actually messaging me on snap right now. i told him im writing about him and i sent him my website to perv over…and for me to show off! he told me how much he enjoyed eating me. im dying.
anyway. this time we stayed on the sofa. i dont know if i gave in and wanted it inside me or if he pulled me up but i was definitely on top of him on the sofa and was able to take a bit more control this time. yet still, i dont remember it. i know he fucked me from behind. and i know he came in my mouth again and im pretty sure i had a orgasm and it was good and he enjoyed it a lot, but i have forgotten the details again. This time when we were done it was pretty much bed time. i didnt want to stay cause it wasnt super comfortable yet and im rubbish at sleeping with people and he wanted to sleep in late. so i explained myself a few times and he said it was all good, and eventually we acknowledged we were both on the same page about being ok with fucking and leaving! i said id be around sunday so to message me if/when he wanted more. then i drove back to walmart, parked up and had a very good nights sleep.
i actually woke up late myself on sunday, 10.30am. i was speaking to this other guy on Tinder, Travis, who was down south of where i was and would be driving by later. so we chatted and flirted all morning, i thought he was pretty adorable and super hot so we planned on me coming down about 8. more about that later.
James messaged me around 2 or 3 when i was parked up in Home Depot. im thinking of re doing my kitchen so was looking at supplies. but i think i should just use it for now. the layout isnt the problem, its me just not using it. maybe. anyway. James was on his way to meet a friend for coffee and wanted to stop by the bus. it was perfect timing. i was so horny after saturday night and then planning the night all morning. he liked the bus and was way too tall to fit in it. we didnt really need to chat at all this time and i was straddling his lap and making out with him within minutes. now the little bus isnt very subtle, now add in two people at the back of the bus moving around and making as much noise as we were, and i dont want to imagine what you could tell from outside. i just hope no families walked past! i got him to fuck me from behind so i could use my favorite vibrator which was by my bedside, as usual. that was it for me. him, that dick, how sexy he was, it was, how public we were being, and the vibration on my clit, i lost it. about 4 times. at least. he just kept fucking me, and i just kept cumming. again when he came i took it in my mouth, but i missed a bit and it got in my hair too. i even came when he was filling my throat. i could feel him pulsing and hitting the back of my throat with his cum. we cleaned up and got dressed and he said he feels bad fucking and leaving but he has to go. i just laughed and said we both know we are fine with it. we said bye and he drove off leaving me very satisfied.
I have one other boy in the area i had really enjoyed spending time with as well as sex shit being amazing and kinky. i had hoped to see him before i left but he didnt come through on saturday night and is a bit up and down. so i assumed i wasnt gonna get to see him. however, he is super into watching and hearing about girls getting fucked. so i sent him a message saying id just gotten fucked by the hottest guy and i took three loads of cum in my mouth and still had some in my hair. he called dibs on seconds. which was so so so hot. im super into guys who are into girls being slutty. we talked about really hot shit for the next couple of hours till he got home. i had told him i needed to leave for 8 to go fuck this other guy, so when i got there at 6 we only had two hours till i was supposed to leave. we spent the first hour or so just talking. it just kinda happens, we talk a lot. we talk about a lot sexual stuff too, and he will be sat away from me and we just talk, even though we are talking about things we want to do. its so hot. eventually i jumped on his lap and started kissing him. his kissing is like a 10. its so so good. it feels really well matched to how i kiss. its like all i want as soon as we start. i love kissing. But I wanted him on his knees on the floor between my thighs, tasting someone else on me and in me. He wanted it too. We spent a long time doing everything. i really enjoy how passionately we fuck, so close, so much kissing, and grinding, feeling every part of each other. Eventually after about an hour he came in my mouth and got the second blob of cum in my hair for the day.


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