…spent the night with my ex

so i spent the night with my ex tonight. not in that way.ex 87. we spent the night talking about our relationship and why we cant have casual sex now. i feel a bit drained. it was an emotionally difficult relationship and a lot of things went wrong for us and we talked about all of it. i need a cuddle. text 119 but he hasnt replied. i seem to be in my two weeks off sex. havent had any for a week and a day. 87 wanted it, but i didnt. im meant to be meeting 117 tomorrow. but might be too busy. then im due this week too, and its christmas. so who knows when its gonna be back on.

ive set up a couple of new profiles online looking for girls for group fun and looking for someone to be my slave. i need one, i am too busy and not spoilt enough. got a few lined up in both.

massively tired now…oh 119 came over on sunday night. he is so weird and left half way through. but he has appologised and is so hot its fine. and its nice to have someone who only ever comes over for a couple of hours and leaves me to sleep well. oh and the heavenly 120, my all time number one, stunning baby boy, has text today. id love to meet him before christmas. im so obsessed with his face.

i think i need to go to bed and imagine someone wants to cuddle me.


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