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  1. Sky,
    I loved your blog about your list and appreciate your openness and acceptance of sex. I hope you inspire others to be more open about promiscuity and healthy love of sex, as it is a beautiful thing to be had. I also greatly enjoy your comments about the commitment to the event, not a lighthearted activity of passing time or a quick “bang” but something of effort, time, and focus for the experience. I find that I am very much a closed door in terms of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and tend to reserve a lot to the vault of my own mind. Call it reclusive, introvert, self preservation, but connections are something that are few and far between. Im only telling you this because of how you describe your sexual experiences as being so much more than face value sex. Appreciate your mindset, appreciate your approach to life and human connection because not all of us get to enjoy lowering our veil of self protection to that level.
    Next time you find yourself in the Los Angeles area please allow me to treat you to drinks and a bit of your time. I would greatly enjoy talking w you and hearing more about your perspective on life.

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