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i have been back in england for a month now and im finally settling in again. ive had 3 tinder dates and i am in extremely horny week. and the last one made me giggle. so as several of you joined me yesterday, i thought now was as good a time as any to start my writing again. i have a whole book to write so i might as well get on with it.

the most incredibly perfect boy, 320, just left my apartment, after what can only be described as a fairly awkward 12 hours. i still get wildly shy around a lot of boys. especially when i find them hot. and even more especially when i feel they are hotter than me by anyones standards, even if they dont agree. anyway. my nervous reaction is to talk too much. mix that with me getting high and wanting to talk about the world in quite elaborate and deep ways with lots of self referential stories. well, you get awfully large amount of me using words to deflect how much i just want him all over me, in me, tasting him, letting him use me. i also like to avoid that scary first few moments of starting to hook up. i like them to take to lead. que 4 hours of me chatting too much information shit before he eventually kisses me. this goes incredibly well. he is a fantastic kisser and held me and touched me in a very sexy way. he picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter and we made out till we both were topless and his skin was pressed against mine, his hands in my hair. we moved to the couch but that is never practical for positions when you dont know someone well enough to be open about what is going on and you are still trying to impress each other. i told him we should just go to my room and it got better from there. he knew how to tease me and turn me on so much i came about 2 times before he asked if i had a condom. i didnt. and neither did he. now to be honest, i do not care. my pussy takes over and i just want the dick inside me. im on birth control and if you dont cum in me its pretty much fine. ive played the odds and they work in my favor if i do that. anyway. he was very well behaved and would not let us fuck. there was lots of teasing and using our hands. and after i came a couple more times i sucked his dick to at least let him cum. well he seems to be one of those guys who cant cum from blow jobs. so after a long time we stopped that and he made me cum a couple more times and then started to get himself comfortable to sleep. i just wanted him inside me and to make him cum. but it was clear neither of those things were on the cards. all this is fine. it was hot as fuck. but the thing was, we didnt mention any of it. no, oh we have just been doing this, or mentioning how frustrating it is not being able to be destroyed by his big cock or that he didnt get to cum, saying anything about what had taken place. to me that makes it a bit too awkward. like a elephant in the room. but we soon fell asleep. we woke up early and without saying anything or really even looking at each other we managed to start playing with each other all over again. his fingers feel amazing on my pussy and he tickled my clit lightly enough to have me convulsing for 15 mins straight. he had me lying on top of him face up so as i squirmed my ass was grinding on his cock, his fingers slipped across my soaking wet pussy and deep inside me, while occasionally restraining me with an arm across my neck, cutting off my breathing, before letting go again to moan and respond to his hands. when i laid back next to him i started playing with his cock, slowly and gently, teasing it and stroking it. my hand loosely clasped around his beautiful dick, gently wanking him off. i couldnt take just looking at it after about 10 minutes of teasing him so i took him in my mouth and used my mouth to explore his dick and enjoy him filling up my face. he seemed to get close to cumming a few times. he would thrust his hips so he was fucking my mouth, or grab a handful of hair to guide my head. but again he couldnt cum. he complimented me on my stamina before we fell back asleep for a early morning nap. we woke up again at 10.30 and he seemed to be late for leaving for something and jumped up and got ready. we still hadnt mentioned what we had been up to and what we hadnt been able to do. and within a few minutes he was ready to leave. he gave me a hug that would always have been awkward due to him being a good foot and some taller than me. but felt even more awkward as he thanked me for my hospitality and us barely making eye contact before letting himself out and leaving. he is stunning. just his face could keep me horny for weeks on end. so i still had a smile on my face despite the slightly uncomfortable unfamiliar between us. then i realized he left his jacket here. i didnt call him even though he was probably still on my street, cause i thought it would force another opportunity to become a bit more familiar and less awkward, even if he hadnt planned on a repeat visit. it might not have been the easiest night in with someone. but damn i need someone that hot on my rosta. and it also gives me the chance to buy a bumper pack of condoms!


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im not going into sexual detail right now cause what i need to do is schedule the rest of my week to fit in all the fun im trying to have! i only have two nights or days can i do things. so im planning a variety of sneaky fun. […]
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