…took an 18 year olds virginity

a couple of nights ago i saw a boy, 192, out in a club. he stood out. that is how i find all my boys. they just stand out to me. he was clearly very young an shy. we spent most of the night looking at each other with neither of us doing anything. i came over all 16 and shy and couldnt go talk to him, so in the end my mate got bored and went over and got him and handed him over to me. he asked how old  i was, i thought it was wise to ask him first, he replied 18 so i said, lets just say im 21. we talked very briefly before we made out. then we kinda just stood there. we didnt have much to say so i suggested we go outside to smoke. we sat on some stairs and ended up chatting for like half an hour. as the conversation was dying off, i said we should go back in somewhere. i had been talking about how i wanted to be a stripper, and we were sat opposite a strip club, so he said we should go in there. inside i sat on his lap while we watched the girls and chatted about them. he had his hands all over my legs and i was leaning back against his chest. i was so horny watching the girls with his hands on me and couldnt wait to get out of there. when we eventually left he very confidently said we should go back to mine. i live in an amazing apartment with a stunning view so we went up and sat on my balcony for a while chatting some more. we went into my bedroom and he sat on my bed, i sat down next to him and we started making out. he was a bit of a tentative kisser and seemed a little restrained. he put his hand between my thighs and started rubbing my pussy. his hand felt so good. firm but not rough. he pulled his jeans down and released his cock and i ran my hand down over his chest and hard stomach till i had my hand wrapped around him. i sat up and started kissing his chest and working my way down, and he was like, erm, ye i think i have a condom, i told him i didnt need it yet, but he kind of sat up and said he needed to tell me something. he said he hadnt done this before and that he was a virgin. i asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this and told him he didnt have to, but he was like, oh hell ye i want to. so , i pushed him back down on the bed, i was even more turned on than before and determined to make this the best experience possible. i pulled his jeans off and go on my knees between his thighs. i started tickling his balls with my tongue before i worked my way up the shaft and took him in my mouth. his penis was a great size and i found i could deep throat him perfectly. i even managed to tickle his balls with my tongue while i did it. i worked on his penis for a while. he just kept saying oh god, giggling a little bit and covering his face with his hands. it was so cute. he asked how i was so good at it and i looked up at him and with a mouth half full of cock, told him that it was cause i love it. i love cock in and around my face. it was pretty funny. he appreciated it. by now my pussy was so wet and i was so excited to finally fuck him, i slipped the condom on with my mouth and worked my way back up his body.he looked up at me and said dont be mad at him if he cums really quick or is rubbish. i kissed him and told him it didnt matter and i like it when boys cum quick as its a compliment.  i straddled him and gently positioned his cock and the entrance to my pussy.  i slowly pushed him inside me, just a little bit, then back out, then in again and back out, i did this a couple more times while he looked down watching the tip of his cock disappear inside me. then in one move i slid all the way down on him and he gasped. i started fucking him gently, slowly building up a rhythm and speed. he lay back, watching me, his hands on my ass, tits or in my hair. i worked him hard for quite a while before i told him it was his turn to fuck me. he rolled me over onto my back and watching him above me, his baby face and hard, muscly body, concentrating on sliding his cock inside me was so hot. he was a natural. he fucked me so well. he really was the best i have had for at least a week or two. he complained that his abs were killing him fucking me and i laughed saying fucking was really hard work. i got him to fuck me from behind and that was amazing, i was so close to cumming. which without a toy, with a new boy, is very rare. he wanted me on top again, so obliged, fucking him hard and fast, sitting up so he could watch me an play with my tits. we had been fucking for a good 15 minutes before he finally came and he slipped out of me. he just sat there, looked at me and asked what now. it was so cute. he didnterm, ye i think ill go with three. we lay in bed chatting more and i started tickling him, stroking his chest and sides. it wasnt long before we were both back at it. i sucked his cock for ages and he lost his shit over it. i asked if he wanted me to keep doing that or if he wanted to fuck me again. he chose well and we had some awesome sex. i thought id take him further and when he was fucking me from behind i reached over and grabbed my vibrator and pushed it onto my clit. i came hard and fast and he flipped me over onto my back and got my legs up on his shoulders and drove his cock in my sopping pussy while i kept the vibrator on my clit again, sending me into another orgasm. he lasted about thirty minutes this time. he really blew my mind. when he eventually came we were exhausted and it was 7am. he said he would leave me to sleep and he was gonna go back to his hotel and shower and stay up. i gave him my number and told him to call me if he wanted to do this more before he left. he text me last night. and we are gonna meet tonight. i am so horny now after writing this and thinking about him. there is absolutely nothing wrong with 18 year olds and youth does not mean they dont know what they are doing, even if they havent done it before. some boys are clearly just naturally very good at sex. and i picked a great one.


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