…had the best sex of my life

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i know for sure, 100% i just had the best sex of my life. with a stranger. i met him on the swinger site yesterday. he likes a woman in control and i have been wanting to flex my alpha muscles. we decided upon tease and denial, fluffy dom shit. he was really hot and lean, which is why i chose to see him first this week. he was gonna lie there and let me tease and edge him as long as i wanted and use his body for my pleasure. and that is exactly what i did.

now, time out, this is now the time i come clean about all the times ive acted out, or been in, scenarios where i am using someone for my pleasure, but have in fact been putting on a act as the porn version of my sexuality, to make sure the men i aleep with, have their fantaises fulfiled. This has however been at the detriment of the fulfilment of my fantaies, but i felt i wouldnt meet anyone who would be up for what im into and that i would feel shy or embarrased to behave like i needed to act out such fantasies. tonight, however, before 1 came over i had a revelation about who i really am. not who i think i am, who i feel like, what i think other people see, or what someone made me feel i was. i saw myself with loving eyes. and it feels incredible. i felt the power to be the woman in my fantasy.
we hadnt planned out how we were going to play or even talked about limits or anything. when we were talking i was just thinking i was gonna do my usual porn version where he gets to cum after about half an hour and the whole thing was basically just his fantasy of me serving and pampering him, than me being in real control. but when i realised, i changed the plan. i would be the fantasy.

so that is where 1 comes in. i meet him out in the street and we dont get to see each other till we are inside the house. i was happy. we went straight through to the bedroom, cause i refuse to do the pre hour chat. i told him to sit and relax cause he had trouble finding the place and then its in the middle of no where and he was meeting a stranger and seemed on edge. we talked a little bit but he was very quiet so the woman i want to be told him to get up and take his clothes off. he got under the covers cause he said he was cold and i turned the lights off. i wanted to not worry about what i looked like, and knew i would with the lights on. i climbed on top of him and started kissing him. eventually as we settled into each other, the ice broke. i started on top of the duvet and him under it, i was kissing him passionatly and grinding against his hard cock, and just as he started to grind back against me, i pulled away.

that started the next 3 and half hours of me building him up, teasing him, hurting him, being a brat, a ditz, a bitch, a lover to him, using him and making myself cum. i took so long on every single thing. every time we would start to get worked up, i would pull away and get a drink, find a hair tie, smoke a joint, get more water, go to the toilet, roll a joint, find my vibrator or change the music, anything to stop and make him wait, and ache. i tried to make every minture a mixture of pleasure and pain, or pleasure and fear of when its gonna end or hurt again. he was the perfect subject. he basically didnt move a muscle until i told him to, he received everything i gave him, making no noise, not reacting or try to make it feel better or avoid the pain while i sucked his toes, bit his nipples, licked his face and neck, stroked his body with my fingertips, forced him lie in the very wet spot where i squirted. i sucked his cock and balls, teased his asshole, smacked his pretty face when he was cheeky, or not smacking him when he tried to top from the bottom. i was switching personas, making him lick me till i came while i bossed him around, i ground my pussy all over his body to make myself cum, using my vibrator in front of him, making him fuck me while i sat and smoked a joint and didnt move, positioning his dick as if it was mine and using it to hold a vibrator against me while i ground against it and stroked his cock like it was my own. i bent him over and ate his asshole, made him stand over me and stroke his cock so i could watch, even when he couldnt get it hard cause i had been stopping and starting all of this, over and over again. i sat on his cock and used my vibrator on my clit without moving and had a massive orgasm, i lay between his legs with my vibe on my clit till i came while deep throating his cock, i teased my asshole with the tip of his cock, not letting it slip in, i taunted him and just generally controlled every element of the time sensually and passionately and painfully, down to every word i said and never once let him get even near cumming.

i gave him several opportunities to end it early, to stop denying him, but he alwasy chose to carry on. pretty much every orgasm i had i thought would be my last for the night cause it had been so good and each time id do something with him or use him, id cum again and even bigger. i kept teasing that i was going to end it. i called a time out after a particularly intense orgasm and we had a bit of a chat and a laugh. when id stop to go do something silly or drink or whatever, i would take my time and chat to him, asking silly wuestions, making quips and and behaving differently, all intentionally. the whole night seemed choreographed to me, by me! double entrndrees flew out my mouth, while i slipped his dick in my mouth. i sucked him exactly how i wanted to, as slow, wet, fast, deep, hard and soft as i wanted, for as long or short as i wanted. same for everything i did. i, for the first time ever, did the things that i enjoyed, for as long as i enjoyed them; i was confident and had great ideas; everything flowed and i even kept my eyes open, which made me cum twice as quick and hard, seeing this beautiful boy serve me and take my teasing. i was in heaven and felt like i had my very own barbie doll boy to play with purely for my pleasure, without thinking about how it felt for him, how i looked, or what he was thinking, the whole time. the whole act of controlling changed for me and i became the woman i fantasied about being.

after 3 hours i decided it was only fair that he came, but he had been drawn out for so long, his cock couldnt get hard any more. i made him keep stroking it, forcing him to get into it, focus on making it feel good. i kept telling him to get himself close, while taunting him and watching him. i told him id know if he was faking it or just stroking it cause i told him. i wanted to see him get into it, enjoy it, make his dick hard again. he had been such a good boy but i pushed him too far while i got my phone out and chatted to him, while he was trying to get hard. he thought i wasnt doing it on purpouse and that i genuinely wasnt paying attention. i swiftly put him right and made sure he knew every single thing i had done to him, every time i stopped, said something, ignored him, or teased him, was done entirely on purpouse and was making sure he was doing what i wanted at all times. i didnt slack. he was struggling though. and he had been such a good boy for so long i decided to help him out. i stroked his body gently, kissed him, stroked his hair and face, cupped his balls and teased the shaft of his cock, i tried to make his exhausted body feel as good as i could, until eventually his cock was rock hard again. i slid down his body and enjoyed his cock in my mouth for the last time before i wanted to help him cum. i needed to cum one more time aswell after his cock was back in my mouth and been desperate to ride him reverse cowgirl as his dick bent perfectly for that position. i lowered myself down on his cock and rode him till he grabbed by hips and started pumping at me hard and fast from below. i didnt stop him or tease him any more. i wanted us to both cum. and just as my orgasm ripped through me, with my vibe on my clit, he pulled out and came all over the bed between his legs. he sat up and grabbed be, holding me tight while the orgasms subsided in both of us and we were both spent.

i asked him during the night, how it was for him, if he liked what i was doing; i like positive re inforcement; but he wouldnt say anything. i told him it was the best sex of my life and i was living out so many years of built up fantasy, but he would not tell me how it was for him. i dont think he wanted any input on what i was doing whatsoever cause he clearly was very happy to let me control every second of the night and every inch of his body. it wasnt about his enjoyment and pleasure, it was entirely about mine. when we said goodbye we hugged tightly, repeatedly, kissing, he wished me well with my travels and tears caught in my eyes, as they are now, thinking of how he had given me the perfect night and had been everything i had wanted from someone in that situation. i knew half way through, but by the time we finally said goodbye i knew, that had just had the best sex of my life


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