…had my first 3 boy foursome

i had an amazing 4some with 3 boys at the end of january. it wasnt technically a full on 4some, but i had 3 guys in me in one sitting. 27 was out with mates from back home, one of them, 22, i had fucked a few times before when i was younger, around the time i fucked 27 for the first time. 22 was always really filthy. one time when i had my period he went down on me and while he sucked on my clit he fucked my ass hard with his fingers for hours on his living room floor.

so back to january, i spent a lot of the night with 27 on one arm and 22 on the other, making out with them in turn. i met the rest of their friends and they were hot. 27 always asks me to come back to his, but i generally have more interesting offers, or cant be bothered to travel that far, but this time i wanted in an i wanted all of them. 27 and his mate, 102, had to get a cab at 5am to catch a flight, so shortly after we got back 22 turns to me and says, right i have to leave in an hour an i wanna fuck you now. i asked 27 if that was all right, if i could go to his room an fuck 22 an he sent me away to enjoy myself. me and 27 started to kiss and undress each other but soon gave up the pretense of any romance and just got up and stripped naked. after playing with each other for a while an me sucking on his cock he thought it would be a good idea to get 27 involved. he came in and i was fucking 22, me on top. 22 told 27 to fuck me in the ass, but 27 said he had me for the rest of the night after they leave an i had to wait to fuck him. he stayed there watching me and 22 fuck for a while then decided to help out. he got behind me and used his fingers and tongue on my ass. it was incredible. we moved around so i could suck his cock while 22 fucked me. after a while he just started watching us again. we had left the door open and as time moved on all of thier mates kept coming in to tell us to hurry up and that they didnt have much time. at first we covered up a bit an stopped fucking but after a while we didnt care an just carried on while all the boys came in and watched for a bit. 27 kept coming back for some more blow jobs and to stick his fingers in my ass while i kept fucking his friend. it was all really laid back and fun. when 102 came in for about the tenth time, he stayed for a while and shut the door behind him. 27 left the three of us in there cause he knew that 102 wanted to get involved. 22 called him over and told him to come and touch me. i was blowing him with my ass up in the air over the side of the bed and 102 came over and started playing with me an then just said fuck it, i wanna fuck her now. he got his cock out for me and i sucked on it while playing with 22, i then turned back around and sucked 22 while 102 fucked me and then 27 came in to watch. pretty soon 22 came in my mouth. their mates started coming in again saying the cab was coming in 5 minutes. 22 left me and 102 to it and we fucked until he came in me, making the cab wait. 22 and 102 then ran off to catch their flight. i got back up and hung out with everyone in the living room again, but after a while me and 27 wanted to go back to bed. we fucked for the rest of the night and morning and i came 4 times. it was an incredible fun night and we all got a lot of what we wanted. next time i wanna get air tight but for my first foursome it was more than all right.


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