…started using internet dating sites

i dont know why i did it, or what prompted me to start on it, but i know i wanted to push my sexual boundaries and expand my potential horizons. so one night at the end of july i signed up to an online “dating” site. within 5 minutes of being on the site i had already received 20 messages from guys wanting to talk to me, meet me, or go on cam with me. they all told me how stunning they thought i was and how much they wanted me. it didnt take long, i was hooked. sometimes all it took was a glance at their profile pics to tell me to steer clear, but there were defiantly more than one or two guys who took my fancy. i found myself logging in more and more, checking to see if any hot guys had messaged me. a few times i swapped msn details and spent my nights in doing everything you can imagine on camera, with them doing the same. i really got on well with two of the guys. one, number 107, lives about 15 mins away, so after having msned a few times, we text all week, and then after the most important step, swapping our real facebook details, he came over. it was pretty relaxed, we watched a movie and talked all the way through and didnt even get to the end before we were in my bedroom fucking. he was really fun and has the really awesome ability to stay hard, no matter how many times he cums. this ensured i was fully satisfied. he stayed over and we did it more that night and in the morning. and that sealed the deal with internet dating sites. they work for me! 
the second guy i really got on with was not such a positive experience. a sniper in the army, who after sending 400 texts over 3 days, i was determined to know even more about him. i found him on facebook but what i didnt expect to find at the same time, was his wife and kid. he reassured me he was separated, which from her statues about missing him so much, i knew wasnt true. but i liked the attention he was giving me. after a month of constant texts and calls, that by then, i wasnt so excited to receive and often ignored, he informed me he would be back in the country soon and the first thing he would do was come and see me. living in ireland with his wife and kid i doubted this. but he stuck to his word and we met up. number 114 was so hot in his pictures and really into me and i couldnt have been more disappointed. he was not hot, short, edgy, awkward and i had no idea why he was even there. we spent the night watching shit tv and eating pizza. i couldnt bring myself to go out in public with him and his boot-cut jeans. i did end up fucking him, but it was so boring and long. i was so glad when he left the next day. despite him trying to get in touch since, i have not replied and thank god he hasnt been too persistent.
despite this painful experience i knew there was more fun to be had. i met a guy through a mutual friend on facebook and when he came over it was incredible. he was really hot, really good in bed and really fun. he would make a perfect regular but unfortunately he doesnt live in my town so i just have to wait till he comes back on another trip here. since him i have accepted adds on my facebook from a couple of hot guys that i havent met but have friends in common with, so have a couple more lined up. but again, location is a hurdle with them. for now though there is always skype.
i was asked to write a little article on my experiences of the best places to find sex online. someone told me the most popular “dating” site, so in the name of research i signed up. this has taken my addiction to another level. that was a week and a half ago and since then i have received 1212 messages from guys who want me. i check the site constantly and when i am not out i spend my nights finding new people to chat too. i have swapped a lot of pics and done a lot of chatting but the sheer amount of people getting in touch means i am getting to be really picky. i have unfortunately found one guy who is perfect and we are so into each other. he is exactly my type and me his. we have chatted for hours and been texting each other. but he lives in scotland. so rubbish. 
i keep trying to use these sites to push my boundaries and hook up with guys i wouldnt usually, but id rather be safe than sorry, so i do take my time to get to know guys first. even the slightest sign of pestering and they are off my potentials list and i make sure i have checked out their real facebooks before i would meet them. obviously there arent hundreds of hot guys out there on these sites but when you do find someone you know they are going to have a like minded attitude to sex and be really open to experimentation. it  has added a new dimension to my sexploits and hopefully will provide me with plenty more stories.


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