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so after the drama of the weekend. it has been catching up a bit today. me and 117 chatted this morning and he told me he doesnt like his gf any more and has been broken since me and is sleeping with another girl too, but cant leave his gf cause its christmas. also said he has a really public relationship with her to make me jell. what a dick. but pretty funny. he left at like 12 to go to work. my best friend called me and told me this skank girl he’d been hangin with last night told her i had been trying to fuck another of their mates f3 and that i was being ridiculous and to leave their group of friends alone. it is pretty funny, 93, 117, 123, f1 and f3 are all like best friends. 123 has been texting me about the situation and asking to see me in secret again. we are gonna meet on wednesday. 120 has been texting again too. he is definitely my hottest boy at the moment. so glad to hear from him. need to see him asap. 122 text as well to apologize for having to go home. and we are making plans for the week. also talking to n1 and n2 and lots of other people on the net. but i think i might have a night in on my own today. catch up on sleep, get work done and give the lady a rest. let see how all this plays out.

ps i have been thinking about this as my diary and it is definitely the best idea cause i cant really tell anyone all this any more. no one understands and its all a bit insane. also no one can know im fucking their friends boyfriends or my exs friends or a friend or whatever. like new format. happy. now someone read this. think its amazing and give me a job reviewing men.


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tuesday today was tuesday. i woke up late cause last night i was up late chatting to boys on line! 122 was meant to come over but he dissapeared. so i entertained myself with thai food, tv and chat. boring end to what started as a promising day. today has […]

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