…couldnt take it anymore

this blog aint all glamorous stories of what amazing, crazy sex i have had and how it is so totally more than normal. my sex life does and will contain pretty bland and bad experiences, and boring stories. i think they all just add up to a nice un-fantastical and un-romanticised reality. last night, for example. i pulled this total cutie, number 96. probably the youngest guy ive been with, a full 6 years younger than me. i knew it was a bad idea as i was on my period and i get reallllly bad pain an i knew it would be messy. but he was hot, so i took him home. he was so wierd, had a little baby face an a total man body, massive shoulders, 6 pack, massive knob. i would usually LOVE it. but i was pretty scared of him. not sure why. anyway i let him get started and failed to mention i had my period so we were ill prepared. he was pretty good at the hand stuff, an when i blew him, he loved it. when we started fuckin with me on top, it was great, but then he flipped me over an put my ankles over my shoulders an i felt the full size of his knob! i have quite a short pussy and with being on my period i couldnt take it well at all. we did it in loads of positions and he likes to fuck really hard. most of the time i was just writhing about in agony and fucking bleeding everywhere! it was AWFUL. halfway through i had to stop and get a towel to clean up. my best sheets are ruined! an not just like the bottom sheet. alllll of them, all the pillows, duvet, bottom sheet, even the fucking valance!!!!! it went everywhere. oh shit i hope it aint on my decorative cushions! after a while i just gave up. i told him i couldnt take it any more, that his cock was too big. which is always a good thing to say. but obviously i had to finish him off. thank god he had been wearing a condom, so we got the hell mess out the way and i managed to blow him to a pretty mega orgasm apparently. all in all, i didnt get mine, i am still in pain, i bet i have fucking cystitis and turns out i will probably run into him at least once a week. i better do him again soon, so he knows my shitness was a one off!!


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