…got with 4 guys in one night

i was already pretty wasted at the start of my night, at the big club i went to every week back in me home town. i was sat with a big group of chavs doing poppers. not sure why i was with them, definitely didnt know them and do not know why i was on my own. anyway, i obviously got bored/poppers horny, so just picked one of them near me, 26,  and took him by the hand and led him into the toilets. we fucked, with me bent over the toilet an when we were done we just went out our separate ways. later that night i was dancing with some girl/fake mate and two topless guys. she told them i was up for anything and would do anything they wanted. they asked me an i were like, sure, yeah. i well fantasised about having two guys hands and mouths on me, giving me all the attention. so they took me to the girls toilets and went into a cubicle. they both got their cocks out an just pushed me down an made me blow them both. we went at this for a while and then as i was blowing one of them, the other got behind me and just tried to shove his cock up my ass. neither of them had even touched me, so i was like, WOAH, what the fuck!? i been doing all the work an you dont even warm me up? no fucking way boys. i was not up for that at all, so i just pulled up my jeans and walked out, leaving them in the girls toilets on their own. i was pretty gutted about this experience so when i bumped into my exs best mate (ex who id been with for 2 years) i told him of my evening so far. i felt id gone a bit too far an needed comfort. which he provided and we made out for a while. at the end of the night i was hanging out with another boy mate who id fucked before and his friend. my mom was away at the time so i took them back to my house for a little party. the guy i had fucked before was too wasted so went to bed, so his mate, 27, an i went outside an somehow did a whole bottle of poppers. we went inside to watch some porn. then i decided to get into it and did a strip show for him. he loved it and we started fucking in the living room, for some reason we kept moving around an did it allll over the downstairs of my house, in the cat basket, in a hamock, which is awesome, in the garden. not sure how it all ended, well apart from the obvious. but all in all, it was a pretty big night!


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Fri Nov 20 , 2009
i was seeing this guy who i really really really liked. like insanely liked. like if he was in the city center i could smell him, i would know if he was at a club cause like some wierd animal i could pick up his scent for miles around. anyway, […]
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