…couldn’t sleep

i have gone to bed for only the second night since tuesday, on my own. and now i cant sleep. so i thought now would be a good time to outline my current situations. i thought it would be good to put down where i am at the moment with everyone as it might not be clear where i am coming from with all of this. some of the stories on my blog are from my past and some are from my present. all are one hundred percent truth. these arent fantasies. i have done all these things. i am currently sleeping with 8 different guys and lining up 3 others. not all of them are as regular as others and some might actually be over now but they are all still present in my current mansphere. i think i will break it down by the rough order of most recent to last. and they can have their own posts.

42 – he came over last night and we had a few hours of pretty great sex. he gave me an amazing orgasm on the second of the 3 fucks that night. i was riding him on top and he was grabbing my ass and grinding hard into me, my clit rubbing against him and his cock rubbing firmly against the front wall in my pussy. it lasted for ages and as my orgasm eased i bounced really hard an fast, sitting up, squeezing my nipples. he has a beautiful cock and is very nice and very handsome. i first met him back in the home town when i was 19. we shared a taxi home from a club, as strangers, and we ended up fucking at his. i had to sneak out in the morning so his parents didnt catch me. fun. since then we have really randomly fucked 3 or 4 more times, me visiting home town and staying at his, or him coming over to mine now.

100 – he came and met me at 7am on new years day at a party and we went back to mine a few hours later and hung out and managed to wake up enough to have really energetic, interesting and orgasmic sex. he spent the whole of new years day here with me and we fucked a couple more times. he has such a beautiful thick cock and is stunning.

miso – he came over earlier this week. it is only the second time he has stayed over. the first time we just made out all night as i was on my period and also i didnt want to fuck him the first opportunity i had cause our situation is so complex that i wanted to make sure it wasnt going to be a one off drunk thing. he is a really taboo person for me to fuck. under no circumstances should we even ever have thought about each other that way and because of that he will remain a code only ever briefly referred to and not really expanded on here.

31 – i have been fucking 31 for 4 ½ years pretty sporadically. he is one of my old best friends exs. and i have also since become very good friends with his last gf too, 81 from the night i played filthy spin the bottle. the first time we fucked his first ex walked in on us fucking in their living room. they werent together properly any more but were still living together. we pretended to be sorry and upset, but when she walked out we ended up fucking again. i think the next time we fucked wasnt till about a year or two later when we were living in the same part of town and hanging out in the same group of people randomly. then we ended up fucking quite a few times, spending nights and days doing lots of drugs and fucking. i really really liked him from the first time i met him when he started seeing his first ex about 7 years ago. i always felt we had a bit of a connection and felt like it was more than just fucking every time we ended up together. the last but one time i went home with him, half way through, me sat on top of him, he just looked at me and asked, why does this always happen? quite soon after that we were talking on chat and we finally admitted that we both loved each other and felt like we should really end up together and we didnt know why we hadnt tried anything more before. since then, things between us have been really fucked up. we were really great friends and the sex was a good, fun and relaxed extra. now we can barely talk to each other. the last time i went to his it was really nice and we watched tv and chatted and cuddled and kissed a lot but didnt mention the fact we had said, i love you, the last time we talked. he has a really long cock and a beautiful, thin, pale body. he loves to watch when we fuck, either in the mirror or in the window or just watching his cock slide in and out of my wet pussy. it really turns me on, knowing he gets off from watching us together. i dont know where we can go next after everything we have said, but we will definately be spending more time with him inside me very soon.

60 – i fucked 60 a few weeks ago for the first time in about 4 years. before that we fucked a couple of times at squat parties, he is actually the guy in the story about ending up in hospital. he came out one night on his own and met me. after following me around like a puppy, it became clear he was there to go home with me. there was loads of foreplay and he went down on me for ages then by the time he finally fucked me, he was so turned on he lasted about a minute. i quite like that tho, i enjoy it when they cum quickly as it feels like they really enjoy it. we said we were gonna be each others back up, but as we live opposite sides of town and dont go out in the same places it hasnt really happened.

27 – i first fucked 27 7 years ago back in the home town, on the night i got with 4 guys. after he moved closer to me again, we had an incredible 3some, which i am yet to write about. the most recent time i fucked 27 was on the night when i had two lame ducks. pb is so horny i could have him whenever i see him. he is usually such a great fuck, and has an incredible body and cock. hopefully next time i see him, i wont have already lined up anyone else.

87 – he is the manager of one of my local pubs. i always thought he hated me. turns out he quite likes me now. or did. we had a couple of nights together and he is pretty impressive with his hands and we did some amazing 69s with fingers in my pussy and ass and his cock deep in my throat. but he has an inability to cum. it is a widely discussed fact about him, an that doesnt make for very satisfying fucking. however on the first morning i thought id wake him up with a cheeky, luby, hand job. it did the trick and he seemed very suprised when he came all over my hand. i found out after about him not beng able to cum, so have since been very proud. he did the whole, i like you, we have a connection, there is something here thing, but in typical boy style he went wierd afterwards and barely talked to me. all i wanted was to add another fun, casual fuck to my list and to fuck him in his office, but by being all wierd he has pretty much put an end to all future fun. however, i know that he knows he still can have it and there have been a couple of times we might have if i hadnt lined up someone else. so maybe there is time for more wierd sex.

96 – he was my original secret. his gf broke up with him and he was really heartbroken. we were mates but neither of us would say we were close. i had heard that he thought i was really hot and wanted a bit of me, so i got talking to him on chat and offered him wise words on his broken heart and gave him a distraction by talking filth and texting him dirty pictures of me for him to wank to. we hung out a couple times after then and one night he got pretty drunk and when he left he text me asking if i wanted to go back to his. he said there would be definately no sex and he just wanted company. i said i was fine with that and wouldnt let anything happen. so back at his, in bed, we had a good chat and a laugh and were having a nice cuddle and he fell asleep. now despite what i said, this guy was hot and i really couldnt waste this opportunity, so i got up to go to the toilet so he would wake up. it worked like a charm and when i got back in bed he was definately more perky. it was the slowest moving, most tentative time ive really ever been with anyone. it was amazing. we lay there for ages with our faces super close together, talking, knowing that one move and we would be kissing. eventually it happened, but it was still quite a while before we got confident enough to kiss with real passion and then he totally lost it. he couldnt get enough of my body, grabing every inch, putting my breasts in his mouth, rubbing my aching pussy through my clothes. then he would sort of realise what he was doing and calm down and try and stop himself from wanting to fuck me. a little stratigic wiggle from me tho and it would all start again. this kept happening, building up and stopping, getting a bit further each time. we got as far as me being naked, on my knees, sucking his cock and i think we actually did a bit of 69 too, before it got too much for him again and his pain and guilt took over. boring. we fell asleep, but at some point that amazing night fucking happened where neither of you know who woke up who and how you ended up like it, but we were back at it again and this time he wasnt going to let anything stop him. he has a really big and beautiful cock and it felt so good streatching my little pussy. i bounced around on him for ages and made sure he could see his cock slipping in and out of my soaking wet hole. it was really great knowing that no matter what he had said about not fucking me, that he just couldnt help himself and pretty soon he came deep inside me. in our still sleepy state we were finally able to fall asleep satisfied. when he went to work in the morning he let me stay at his and sleep till whenever which was nice. since then we have hung out loads, several times a week and have often talked about fucking again and had lots of nice dirty online chats, but we have come to the conclusion that regular sex would be a bit complicated as we were already starting to feel like dicks for gettin with other people in front of each other and neither of us want to get too invovled so we are going to leave it. but maybe just fuck once or twice more cause we both really want to get each other naked again.

one of my other favorite things to do is line people up. i love taking things to another level with friends by chattin dirty on facebook chat. at the moment i have 3 people i am lining up. 2 are from the home town an are a bit different from the usual lining up.

one, ka, i met when he was djing at a club. i wanted him to dj for me so we swapped numbers. he text me as soon as i left saying he thought i was beautiful and wanted to meet up soon. a few days after christmas we went on a short mid day date in the home town. it was nice, a bit interview vibes as we didnt know each other. after he text me sayin he wanted to see me again as soon as possible. he was meant to come to meet me on saturday but his mom was ill so couldnt. he will come visit at some point soon and we will stay at mine, so that is gonna be one of my next ones.

my other home town boy, sailor, i first met 7 years ago and we used to make out. he is so stunning, nose ring, loads of tattoos and i love making out with him. we have found each other on facebook recently and he now lives near . we have chatted loads and a week before christmas we met up in my ends. was great to see him and we thought it would be funny to go out in the home town together over christmas. we did and ended up making out all night like when we were teenagers. i invited him to mine but he said he had to be home cause of parents and christmasyness. we arranged to meet after christmas. i would love to finally, 7 years later, get him in to bed. i bed he looks so good naked. he is back in two days so we will see.

i think the one who will be my next one i get from the ones im lining up is jowe. we have been chatting loads recently and swapping dirty pics and trying to arrange a meet up. he is just a mate of a mate who i have known for a couple of years. i could tell he always had a bit of a crush on me and always seemed a bit shy about it. but for some reason recently he has been really forward about wanting to fuck me and see me naked. he has send me amazing pictures of his cock and films of him fucking his ex gf. i am actually chattin to him while i am writing this. he is telling me he wants to fuck me in the ass while he puts the vibrator in my pussy. so exciting. he might come over later. he has a girlfriend and both him and her are quite famous so this is pretty secret too. he better come over at some point soon anyway. i want to be double fucked.

so that is where i stand. i have been having other one night stands between these, but they dont really matter and i know they are one offs. I really really want some sex now.


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