…boxing day blogged

so it is the day after the big event. except i don’t think ours is a big event. its me, nan and mom and we just had a nice relaxing, quiet day. i got a few weird presents. like usual. which i like. when i see other people talking about their christmases on twitter and facebook i realise how different mine is. especially as i ended the day in bed, struggling to connect my computer to the wi-fi on my phone so i can check my online profile and chat to a few boys i am planning on meeting when i get back. my new excitement is f7. met him online last week. spent the day on cam when he was at work. and in his spare time he is an underwear model. so bring on wednesday.
pretty much the only people that have text me over this festive period are boys that im sleeping with or want to sleep with me. which is interesting.
78, f5, and f11, 126  wanted to meet
f8 is planning to meet up next week.
117, 122, f10, 118  said merry Christmas.
f7 nice chats and meeting plans.
f9 wanted to cam, texted, messaged me on line, called me. wants to meet.
125 wanted to cam.
119 chatted to me about how much he likes fucking me and asked what he could be better at and wanted to cam.
i have been tryin to get online all day today and i cant. its so frustrating. im writing this offline and dunno when ill get to post but im just feeling totally cut off. this village sucks. feeling a bit fucked up. sat here with the fam, blogging and watching a movie and sending messages to boys about how they want me to fuck them in the ass.


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