…got let down

today was tuesday. i woke up late cause last night i was up late chatting to boys on line! 122 was meant to come over but he dissapeared. so i entertained myself with thai food, tv and chat. boring end to what started as a promising day. today has also been a bit dry. was gonna go see f1 again but a meeting got canceled so couldnt justify being in that part of town. so i had 3 hours to kill. i tried 119, 120, 122 and 125 and none of them were free. gutted. so i had to please myself with 66 on skype. 66 was someone i was sleeping with for two years. but he got married and we havent hooked up in 2 years. his marriage is not workin out any more, so he is back on me. after some work tonight 122 texted and wants to hang. so i am just waiting for him bringing dvds and good times. cant wait to feel his powerful hands on me. woop. bit tired tho. oh and i nearly forgot. when i was gettin the bus home just, who should walk up but 111 and his gf. they are back together. she confronted me the other week when we were out and tried to start something but i held it down and she ended up walking off. at the bus stop just, she walked up to me stared, wide eyed and walked off. my heart was racing and thank fuck we got different busses.


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Thu Dec 16 , 2010
so today im on the toilet blogging. it is too late reallly and i wanted an early night and i didnt do anything i planned this evening. i cancelled 123 so i could have a quiet night in preparing for christmas. but instead i went to a gig and kissed […]

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