…finally got the internet back

so im back from the village and online. i have written while i was away. so ill post these on the dates i wrote them. so they will be before this. never mind. so since i have been back, all of 12 hours, i have signed up to be a cam girl. i have decided i do all this way too much to not be making money from it so will have to see how that goes. im staying in on new years eve so might start then.

also i need to do some nice stories as all this numbers and me keepin track of who im seeing is more like an a-level maths problem. but as a quick note on this weeks plans. last night as soon as i got back, i saw 119. he normally comes to mine and last night i went to his. it was like some kind of progress. he is a major comittment phobe. 27 and never had a gf. not that i want that from him. its just that he is so insanely closed off and usually he leaves as soon as he cums. i know he likes me though and he is trying to spend more time with me. so when i went over last night we hung out for like 20 mins before he took me down stairs. he has been asking me how he can be better in bed and he was trying everything i had told him. having him between my thighs with his fingers hard inside me and tongue on my clit lookin up at me to see if i was liking it was so hot. he loves fucking me in the ass but he has a beautiful big cock so i cant usually take it. he took me in a way i hadnt ever done before. he had my vibe in my ass while he was fucking me with him on top then he slipped it out and stuck it in my ass. with him still on top. he held me really tight and kissed me lots as he fucked me firmly and slowly in my ass, my legs wrapped around his waist. it was so hot. it was the best way ive had anal. he slid my legs over his shoulders but he was too big in me for me to take that for long. he pulled out and dragged me down the bed by my ankles and bent me over the end of the bed and entered my ass again. he was holding me around my neck and waist and fucking me really hard now. i had my vibe on my clit and was crying out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. it was so intense. i love it when im gettin fucked and my mind just totally clears. last night was just incredible. i didnt cum but just really enjoyed how he took me.

anyway. i got carried away there. so should stop this. cause now im turned on. damn.


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