…tried to think how to restart this blog

so i dont know how to start this blog off again! i have loads of stories recently of things i have been up to. and i have my old blog which i need to edit and post the stories up here. in the last month i have had 25 different men. im quite proud of that achievement. i have always been a fan of numbers. at the moment i seem to be so outrageously horny all the time. my pussy just starts throbbing and fucking is all i can think about.

im thinking right now, about phoning a boy to have him over. it is pouring with rain and thunder and lightning outside. i am working on my camscore, so i cant sit on cam all day and my second site is slow as. 165 is a tall, tanned, english guy. we have great banter and i like the way we fuck. i came the second time we fucked, which is rare for me. if its hot out i kinda wanna meet him at the beach and fuck him in the ocean in the rain.

ok im gonna post a few old stories from my old blog. think i will just date them when i originally posted them as it doesnt get too confusing!


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Mon Oct 24 , 2011
i am supposed to be working right now but i cant stop thinking about last night and havent had any mates to talk to about it yet. so im gonna write it here first! last night i had my first b/g/b/g/b orgy! i met this guy on thursday, 167 and […]

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