…found the one

i have dissapeared for a few months cause i thought i had found the one. it wasnt actually the first time i had found this boy. my previous post told you, i heard from the boy that locked me in his room for 5 days. well we met up and not long after that we fell totally in love, again. we had a lovely semi normal relationship for the past 3 months. he was perfect. he didnt even freak out when i acted totally insane. and obviously we had constant and amazing filthy times. we fit together perfectly sexually. no-one has done things with me like he has. everything about him and us was perfect, apart from me being shit. a useless girlfriend, treating him like shit. but i really thought i wanted to spend my life with him and that it would be perfect and would get better forever. turns out though he is leaving the country in 6 months and doesnt want a relationship before he leaves and that i am just too horrible for him to want to be with me. awesome. awesome. so i now cant move, or breathe or even want to fuck anyone else, cause all i want is him. so unless that changes this will become very boring!


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Sat Jul 10 , 2010
  so as i type, i am sitting here waiting for confirmation from the boy that it is officially over. i have actually been waiting on this for nearly a week now and have lost patience and am feeling a little over it all. so to occupy me over the […]

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