…started having sex with too many people to keep a track of

the past few weeks i have been sleeping with more people than ever. i am also meeting more people than ever, off the internet and in real life. so i have decided to use this blog to keep up to date with what i have going on. i havent been able to write much, anywhere near as much as i would like, on here cause i am so busy with work, so i wanna try and use this as a bit more of a diary. i litterally cant remember who i had sex with this time last week.

i have also been racking my brains as to how i can turn the amount of people i sleep with into a money making business. yes i know what comes to mind first, but a large part of what i do is find good people to have sex with. i dont want to be the one picked for sex, i want to still be the one in control and some how earn money. also the sex wouldnt be like it is if the boys were paying. so i need an external way of making money from this.

anyway i am going to be referring to each person by their number now. i also need a way of keeping track of who i am planning to meet and who i am liking off the interweb, but it might evolve naturally.

so this weekend –
friday night – i had a good sleep after a hard days work.

saturday – did a bit of tidyin an some nice stuff in my flat. went out to my old local on my own to meet f1, and bumped into my exs friends. saw f1 but he failed again to get away from his friends to see me. (we arent supposed to hook up). spent the night talking to 123. hes been tryin to get with me for a few weeks and is my exs best friend. he is really nice and we got on well and kissed really well so i couldnt really say no. we went back to mine, but i had to go out to do some work at 3am and wanted to meet 122 after so i made him leave. it wasnt great anyway. while i was out working i met f2 and kissed him. he wants to take me on a date. then i met 124. he kissed me, badly, but got really turned on and into me and 122 was gonna come over on sunday anyway so i let 124 take me home. he was some american guy. and had an incredible cock. and definately satisfied me. he stayed over.

sunday – 124 woke me up at like 8am to have more sex and then left at like 10am. which was good, cause i didnt really wanna hang out with him. i was really looking forward to 122 coming over. which he did at 2pm. we had a couple of rounds of awesome sex. i usually get bored of long sex but with him it just feels amazing and i loose my mind to him. he really knows how to handle me and hold me too. also we eat chips and chocolate and snooze on the sofa together watching movies. and he is a sex addict too. he unfortunately had to leave at like 8 to look after his dad. he was meant to stay so that was rubbish. but in some twist of fate, just as i was gettin bored, my ex 117, called me off 123s phone to tell me he knew about us. i was busy watching x factor so didnt wanna talk to him. he txt me later saying “you fucked my best mate”. he actually has a girlfriend now, who is an old friend of mine, ridiculous. so i said it shouldnt matter. in the end i phoned him and he said he missed me etc. so i told him to come over. he was out so had to go but we carried on textin each other and he left straight away and came over. i thought he might wanna talk or something, but as soon as we walked in we started kissing and he took me in my room and we fucked all night. Good job I dont get on with his gf anymore!

busy weekend and think that made it 4 in 24 hours. my new record!


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