This one time i….

thought it would be a good idea to start a blog. i love telling stories of things i have done and seen and know.
when i wanted to start this, i had a boyfriend and thought it would be a bit insensitive as a lot of my stories are about other men and things he wouldnt like to know about.
now i dont have a boyfriend. I am not happy about this. and it has only been a few days so i am still in bed. and am currently counting down the time before x-factor starts and i can order a pizza!
it was a mutual break up which is shit cause it is hard to know if that is the right thing to do cause you are both really upset and dont want to say goodbye, but know you have to.
i am 25
i live in England
i work in club land
i am not going to be massively specific about any of these things cause it isnt my place to reveal other peoples secrets, which will be done by me telling my stories.
and this is the start of my blog.


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