…took three loads

in the spirit of new motivation i thought id start by telling you about last night. ive even sat at a desk to write.

i met this boy yesterday at the festival i was at, 192, we made out and then bumped into him when i was leaving the festival in the crowd. him and his mates were goin home my way so we decided to walk together. 192 and i were together and we were kissing and holding hands. when we got like 1/3 of the way home we were bored of walking and they decided to get a taxi back to theirs and asked me to come along. i decided to go, but turns out they didnt live where i did but were stayin at a hotel about half an hour in a taxi away. i was a little pissed off, but this did not compare to how pissed off i was after i got to his “apartment” that actually turned out to be a tiny twin hotel room with 5 boys staying in it. 192 took me into the bathroom and we quickly got naked. we me sat on he toilet he stood in front of me and i took his big cock in my mouth. he lay on the bathroom floor, and i bounced up and down on his cock, holding on to the sink and the door handle, before he stood me up and bent me over he toilet and fucked me from behind. i cant remember how it came about but he asked if i wanted to go out in the bedroom and fuck all of the boys. i had met two of them, but the other two were already in bed when i got there, so was a little hesitant. anyway i decided fuck it, i might as well. we went into the bedroom and 192 told them id fuck all of them. 193 came up to me and got his cock out while 192 started fucking me from behind, bent over the bed. neither of them could maintain much hard cock while their mates were watching, so i turned to 194 who was lying there with a massive hard cock with a condom already on. i sucked his cock for a little bit and then decided to make the most of it and climbed on top and rode him. 193 was filming me from behind and 192 got on the bed and stood over 194 in front of me and stuck his cock back in my mouth. after a little while, having his mates arse in his face put 194 off from fucking me so i got up and went in the bathroom again with 192. he sat on the toilet and and i was sucking his cock bent over, when someone came in and started fucking me from behind. this time they were both very hard and it was so good being fucked hard at both ends by two big, hard cocks. pretty soon 192 came in my mouth and left me and 194 in the bathroom. he then sat on the toilet and i got on my knees between his legs and sucked his cock hard and fast for what seemed like an eternity. he kept saying, faster, faster, but that was pretty much an impossibility, so i let him finish off, wanking his cock into my mouth. it kind of pisses me off when a guy takes ages to cum, especially when i am working really hard with my mouth, so when 193 came in to fuck me, i appologised and said i needed a break. i wanted to go get some food and ciggaretes. he came with me and when we got outside i realised i just wanted to go home. i had barely any money, but found a bus that took me right home. i felt bad that 193 didnt get to cum so i decided to give him a blow job right there on the bench while we waited for the bus. he played with my pussy while i bent over into his lap and sucked him hard and deep. only one car came past while we were doing it and like a good boy, he came very quickly in my mouth. a couple of minutes later the bus arrived and i told him to appoligise to the others that i was running off, but didnt like being so far from my own bed with nowhere to really sleep. 192 has been texting me today and they want to meet today, but the shine has gone from those boys. they all looked much cuter when i met them than when i left. but i think that was the first time i took 3 different loads in my mouth in row.


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