…started a to do list


so as i type, i am sitting here waiting for confirmation from the boy that it is officially over. i have actually been waiting on this for nearly a week now and have lost patience and am feeling a little over it all. so to occupy me over the past week i have started lining up my new to do list which will be put into effect as soon as the confirmation email/call has been received. i’ve attempted to prioritize them and then i can also keep a tab on where i stand once it has all kicked off.

  1. 100 –   obviously
  2. billy –     we have been lining each other up for over a year and for some unknown reason we havent got it on yet. ive already been hardcore skyping with him this week. oops.
  3. 91 –   we split up about a year ago. dont think we’ve seen each other since, but have been texting the past few days and we really wanna fuck each other. it sounds like he has turned into a dirty little boy in the past year.
  4. Pirate, 95 – I have written about him before and we have been lining each other up this week
  5. Pfm –   I have to work around him an we have been flirting insanely for months. i want him more than anything.
  6. AS –    I went out with his mate almost a year ago an pretty much the whole time we have been chattin, texting and skyping. we really wanna fuck, but he doesnt live in ldn, but goes out here an is moving soon. phew.
  7. DRM – Fit DJ. We talk alot but have never actually met. but we have said we want to soon, for fucking.
  8. WB –   I fucked him a couple of years ago by mistake, but we always talk dirty and i lined him up this week.
  9. Jowe – I’ve talked about him pursuing me before. he still has a famous gf but still really wants to fuck me.
  10. LR –    He manages a venue in another town. spend 2 an half hours with him last night tellin each other how much we wanted to fuck if only we were both single.
100 just text me about meeting up tomorrow, so that will be good. and that means i will get him first. nice to ease back into single sex with an old friend. i have to loose any nerves i have cause from now on, i dont say no, and i dont let any opportunity pass me by.


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