…started a plan

i am feeling very motivated, if a little tired right now. just spent the day with my flatmate and two girls and ended up sitting and pretty much being interviewed by them about my sex life and attitude towards sex. and now i am thinking this year i am going to do something about this. i am led to believe, from many people, that the way i am, the way i approach sex and men and conduct myself and buisness is very unique and i want to capitalise on this. i want to write more and explore ways i can get my story out there. my whole life has been pretty unique and have done and been part of things that dont happen to most people. i love my attitude to sex and men and want to find a way to make this public and profitable as well as interesting and empowering for other people. i had a stint, in my early twenties as a new wave feminist in art school and was set on creating a new kind of feminism, drawn from my own experience and attitude. in this motivated state, i am ready to give something a go. i know this is all very vague, but wanted to get this out there and wanted to make sure i start writing here more. this needs to be my home, my first port of call when something happens or when i think of something related to this venture. i am starting a plan.


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Tue Jan 3 , 2012
in the spirit of new motivation i thought id start by telling you about last night. ive even sat at a desk to write. i met this boy yesterday at the festival i was at, 192, we made out and then bumped into him when i was leaving the festival […]
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