…had to be very quiet

i wrote this in chat with my friend when i was on my second farm. i have edited out their responses but thought you might like my story. the formats a lil different to usual. but it was a fucking good time.

ill tell you about the other night
i went out with these boys, 3 had gfs, dan was arguing with his on the phone when i got there and 2 others, that through the night, became apparent that both wanted to fuck me
after a long night out and lots of other stuff that would take me hours to write so i will omit
we were all walking home and i was pissed off cause they had made my random fuck i had found, leave me. they scared him off
i was talkin to dan about it and how i want sex etc, talking to him like a gf cause he had a gf so was off limits
we ended up on our own, all the other boys were drunk and wandered off. we got back to the unit and were sat chattin an stuff. i had just got my pornhub vid, so i was tryin to show him, but it wouldnt load. he really wanted to see it, but there was still just a friends vibe between us
the other boys got home like an hour later
we were all sat in the dark and dan was on the sofa next to me
we were squidged up and my legs were under his
and he puts his hand on my ankle
then he starts stroking my leg
we were trying to make sure no one saw and were acting normal like nothing was happening
he was running his hand up the underside of my thigh
the other boys ened up goin to bed, in the bunkbeds next to the double bed that dan was sleeping in
we sat there a while with him stroking my leg and my hand on his arm
wen we went to bed it was cold so i was like, ooh im keeping my jumper on….as if nothing was gonna happen! haha
we got into bed and he pulled me into him and we started kissing straight away
we had to be really quiet cause i knew at least one of the other boys who wanted to fuck me was awake
we were having to be realy still as not to make the bed rustle or creak
he started rubbing my pussy over my shorts while he kissed me
and i had to make sure i didnt moan
he slid his hand up my top and played with my nipples, still kissing me, his other hand on my ass
this hand slowly started moving up under the leg of my shorts till he was pulling my panties aside and pushing his fingers inside me
i kissed him deeper so as to not make any noise and i started rubbing his cock through his pants
we were rubbing each other, kissing and pulling at our clothes for what seemed like forever
in the end we had to stop cause we couldnt carry on without making any noise.
we rolled away and quickly pulled off our shorts and then straight back into each others arms, kissing, his hand immediately back to my pussy
i was so wet it had covered my thighs and i had made a massive wet patch on the bed.
he moved on top of me, i was scared in that position we were gonna be too noisy
his cock wasnt massive or anything but some peoples just feel soooo good inside me. his was just right, after the build up, feeling him slide inside me make me loose it
we started fucking hard, deep, and silently
i had my hands on his ass pulling him into me
we were having to be quite tentative as to not make any noise and i was having to stifle my moans
i clung on to him hard, till he took my legs and put them over his shoulders and started slamming me. by now we had started to make a bit more noise but we couldnt care any more, it felt so good
pretty soon he came inside me, my legs wrapped around his waist and his mouth on mine
he rolled off and after a few mintutes i told him that i still really needed his cock in my mouth
his friend got up and called him into the livin room. i dont know what they said, but probs just chatting about me haha
when he came back i told him how wet i had made the bed and how good he felt inside me and his cock got hard immediately
he asked if i still wanted to suck his cock so i slid down his body and took him in my mouth
i sucked him hard and deep and he kept moaning. i had to stop to tell him to be quiet, quite a few times!!!
i needed his cock inside me again so i kissed my way up his body till i was riding him. we fucked slow, me grinding on him, feeling every inch of him inside me
he grabbed my hips and lifted me up slightly and started slamming into me from below
faster and faster till he came again
i stayed on top of him and squeezed his cock in my pussy
then i started very slowly circling my hips on him
i have this wierd thing that if i am on top and make very tiny moveements after someone has cum, i cum really quickly
so i just kept moving my hips on top of him, rubbing my clit against him, kissing him
and squeezing my pussy around his now hardening cock
it didnt take long at all before i felt my orgasm building inside me, till, biting my tongue, my head burried in his neck, i exploded on him
i came for about 2 minutes, pussy clenching, body spasming
this turned him on even more, and started fucking me hard and deep again till he came and we both collapsed, finally exhausted
we slept for a few hours and when i woke up all the boys were still asleep, so i got up and snuck out and got the bus back to the farm!


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