…buried my face in a peach

im wide awake again and just had another mind blowing sexual experience. i am so glad i am settling into my sexuality and enjoying being the real me. 2 just left. we planned to spend the night rimming each other and playing with each others asses. which is basically what happened. i let myself loose on this perfect butt and used my mouth from the tip of his cock round to his asshole for almost an hour. i didnt hold back and buried my face deep within his cheeks, using my tongue, gently, tickling his hole, plunging it in as deep as i could, suffocating myself on his ass, i sucked and tongued and kissed his gooch and balls, stroking his cock when my lips werent tickling the shaft. i did everything with my mouth that felt great. i have already lost track of what happened when and how. i came, lying between his thighs, face disappeared between is round, firm cheeks, not able to take a breath for having my tongue so far up his asshole. and i had an incredible, huge orgasm after fucking me for ages after i finished with my mouth. i was impressed he lasted so long after an hour of teasing. we finished up with him fucking me slowly while i lay face down with him straddling my thighs, my vibe on my clit pushing me over the edge. the walls of my pussy clinging to his rock hard cock
as it slowly teased its way in, shallow for a few strokes, then deep, then shallow again, building me up till i exploded under him, screaming out at full volume, un able to control myself. i think then he kept fucking me until i managed to cum again and then fucked me hard and fast till he pulled out and came on my asshole, causing me to have another orgasm rip through me from the vibe to his cock as it pulsed and pulled out of me. we chilled for a bit then and i got talking about all of this. my blogs and art and just basically a life summary in half an hour. he teaches english so i was interested in his opinion as its early days for all this writing again. the conversations were as good as his asshole. he got hard again when we were talking about sex we like, so this time it was his turn to explore my asshole. again it was the longest ive allowed myself to relax and enjoy what was being done to me and he clearly was enjoying it and keeping it up until i was desperate for his cock inside me.

now im confused cause i am remembering positions and orgasms and butt lickings, boob play and nipple bitings, face sittings – him on me, that i cant place in the time line. it is 3.30am now and he got here at 11, so that is a lot of stuff filling that time. and it was all very physically and mentally stimulating.

i do remember how we ended up though. after his cock got hard for a third time while i was giving his butthole some attention before he left, i asked him if he thought he could cum again. he was confident in his ability. so i got him back on his front and me between his thighs, face deep in his cheeks. i was happy in there for a while, then reached around and pulled his cock down between his thighs and into my lips. i worked my way around his cock, balls gooch and asshole over and over again, tickling his smooth hole with all my fingers, teasing them into his entrance. i ordered him up on all fours, unable to wait any longer, and got my face between his cheeks, and forced my tongue as far inside him as i could. topping off my favorite combo act, i reached around and stroked his cock in time with my tongue fucking him. after a little while using him like that i wanted my fingers inside him. he told me after the first sex he probably would have let me fuck him with a strap on, cause id been behind him then, humping him, wishing i had a cock, grinding against his back, pulling him back against me, into my crotch, biting his back, stroking his chest and abs, using a finger inside him. this time i decided to go for more, so i lubed up everything and eased two fingers up his tight virgin ass. i started slowly fucking him, going deep and deeper, twisting my fingers around, rubbing against his p spot, pulling the length of my fingers out and back inside him. he was so tight and it was so soft inside him. i was stroking his cock hard, reaching around his thigh and he said he was gonna cum. he couldnt quite get there on his knees, so he flipped onto his back and i pressed my fingers back up inside of him, using the classing “come hither” motion and told him to stroke his cock for me so he could cum. i fucked that ass with my two fingers, watching him wank his cock till eventually his body started shaking, and he was ready to cum. his asshole twitched around my fingers and i saw the cum fly out the tip of his cock onto his chest. i had my vibe on my clit, but i had gotten too into fucking him to worry about my orgasm and i had more than enough through the past four hours.

we were both very satisfied and exhausted when it was time for him to leave and im sure we will be in touch as he knows im writing this up about him and was genuinely interested in my art and work. now after writing all that im relaxed enough to go to sleep…after i have a cheeky wank over the night i just has with my face buried in a peach.

Boob Flash
The only picture of me from that day!

edit; i just remember what i forgot to include!!! when it was his turn to eat my asshole, he made me cum just with his tongue on and in me. neither his nor i had our fingers, tongue or toys near my pussy. i came just from the feeling of him enjoying myself with my ass hole, me relaxing entirely to enjoy it, the thought of his asshole and cock and not performing my enjoyment. it was an incredible experience. i can cum now without my pussy even being involved in the stimulation!


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