…updated my to do list

just in case you were wondering how i got on with my single plan to do list i thought id update it. not sure i have many ambitions now though. im kind of getting everything i want.

  1. 100 – yep. did. done twice since then. but i think its nearly over. 9 months.
  2. 30 – blew him in the woods. then he ran off with another girl. total douche. still wanna fuck tho. need to win.
  3. 91 –  yep. banged. didnt like it. wont do again.
  4. Pirate/95 – yeah did that again. and yep he is still a dick.
  5. Pfm – he kissed me a week or so ago. and likes coming to mine for food. so not much longer till i get him naked.
  6. AS – still not been in LDN when im free. but will soon
  7. DRM – got a gf and is really gay about it!
  8. WB – he would be a bit of a last resort now.
  9. Jowe – dont really wanna do.
  10. LR – realistically, as i no longer work  there, will not be seeing again.
so i have had 4, am on my way to my fifth, lost one to gf bore, dismissed 2 and still have my eye of 2. not bad numbers. thinking about it now. there are still a few more new ones i want to get.
1. cc – a friend i have never banged, but think we both would. so should.
2. dcc – ccs friend. was actually seeing him a few years ago. always wanted to go back.
3. bl – fit boy from town. mutual friends. i want.
4. am – the guy that is married with a kid in the army. maybes next weekend.
5. tm – met on facebook, cause i thought i knew him and didnt. apparently coming to visit this week.
and am currently banging a few good ones. these are my new regulars.
1. 109 – totally hot an the best sex in ages. he has a gf. but whatever.
2. 97 – had before but has got hotter, thiner and better at fucking.
3. 107 – met on some sex website. actually really nice and cute. and he makes me cum.
oh and there is another guy who i am in love with and have spent weeks fantasising im married to. but that is another story.


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