…started a list

im not sure exactly when i started it but i was about 15 i think. i wanted to keep a record of everyone i had ever kissed, touched or slept with. ever since we all started kissing people, me and my school friends would compete with how many we had kissed. not like racing, but it was a badge of honor. the more the better. i dont know where it came from but i have always had this attitude towards kissing and fucking. it has always been about the numbers. i even turned my list into graphs and charts for my degree. i have lost these right now. i HAVE to find them. i wanna update them and stick them on here. anyway my list is so important too me. i have kept it updated and not lost it in 10 years. it is now two a4 pages long, front and back, with 3 columns on each page. i am 11 places away from my 3rd sheets. that means there is about 400 names on there. an im not telling yet how many are touching and how many are fucking but i think all but a few are kissing. i have a code on there about whos done what and when. obviously they arent all real names. ski boy 2 – devil boy – firewood bloke – crack boy – kebab boy – cap boy 2 – uce gay boy – fat black girl – badgers work girl 1 and 2 – fag boys friend – 17 toilet boy – hot std boy – irish fete boy – dread.

im really sad at the thought that i havent remembered everyone and there are people who arent on my list.


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...cut my head open and ended up in hospital

Sat Nov 14 , 2009
i was fucking this guy, 60, in my friends living room. there were like 8 other people in the room, but they had done so much drugs no one really knew what we were doing. whilst we were fucking i somehow managed to hit my head off the corner of […]
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