…started internet dating again

so ive browsed my old favorite “dating” site since ive been hhere in aus but have not really felt the need or urge to follow through with any potentials. however, spending almost 2 weeks in bed pts a different outlook on things. i met 170 on the site about a week ago. i put him off the first few nights he wanted to meet as i was still a mess and not really up to it. after a failed night on fun on wednesday i decided i had to meet him on thursday night. he was going out and after i had finished on cam, first night back after the crash, i was a lil tired. i couldnt be bothered to sit and wait for him so went to bed. he called at 1.30am and woke me up. i didnt answer his first few calls cause i was a lil pissed off he left it so late. however in the end i answered. he has a really sexy voice and was trying to convince me it woul be a good idea to wake up and have him over. i was not convinced and we ended the conversation saying we will do it another night. by this point i was much more awake an after a couple of minutes thought, changed my mind and text him to tell him ill sleep when im dead and come over and fuck me. he was there within ten minutes. he wanst as cute as some of his pictures but by this point i hadnt had sex in a week an half. i didnt care. we made out a bit and pretty soon he was kneeling over my chest with his cock in my mouth while we watched in the mirror.  he was pulling on my hair and forcing his cock down my throat. his penis wasnt too big so i could take it all. he was desperate to just throw me around and fuck me hard but my foot and leg injuries were slowing me down. we ended up having fast, hard sex with my legs up on his shoulders and him kneeling up. the bed slid accross the room and my top half was hanging off the bed as he pulled his cock out of me and came all over my stomach and tits. he even got a good shot in my hair and over me onto the head board. i wiped myself up with a towel and we quickly fell asleep. he had to be up and leave in 3 hours for work.



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