…took someone’s virginity

well actually i didnt just take one boys virginity. as far as i know, it has been two. one was a little boy who was 17 when i was 22. due to too much booze i dont remember what happened or how it was, but i did think he was mysterious an exciting. i went out on my own that night and made friends with this group of 4 boys that i was teasing for being so young. one put in loads of work with me, trying to get with me and another, 44, sat moodily away from us and didnt speak to me all night, until he just came up to me and said to leave with him, now. he was very beautiful and now he is some kind of uber successful male model, which is cool. but being lectured at 9am about how an arts degree is pointless and how learning a real job, like finance is more important, by someone still doing their A levels. then being told all about Jew Camp. then having to walk him to the train station in the rain cause he couldnt figure out my directions, kind of took a shine off him. it wasnt until more recently that i found out that that memorable night was his first time.

the other cherry i popped was a when i was 23. he was 23 too. not sure how he got that far in life like that. and why he ended up with me. he was number 69 ironically. we were seeing each other for a little while then he sort of disappeared. well i think thats what happened. anyway he is a really successful photographer now. so that is a good track record for creating beauty and genius by taking virginities. cause im sure banging me first is the reason they are now successful.


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