…left town

last week i left the town i had been living in for the past 4 months. i had a long list of people i wanted to do before i left and had planned on several nights of gangbangs in order to get them done. obviously you cant plan these things and had also found a boy who i was having such good sex with, i didnt wanna bother with anyone else. until my last night there. after a night spent dancing on a podium, i wandered down to the beach with a few mates and a boy i had been building up to fucking for two months. i hadnt swam naked at night the whole time id been there so it was my mission to do it on the last night. me and the boy, 175, got down to our pants and went in the water. my other 3 mates stayed on the beach and chatted and watched us, taking photos. his cock was hard despite the cold and we started kissing. he slid his hands down my body over my nipples that were rock hard and on to my pussy. after two months of waiting, i pulled his cock out his shorts and wrapped my hand round it, stroking him and kissing him. i sat down in the water and he stood over me and i took him in my mouth and sucked his cock for a little bit. then he pulled me deeper in the water and finally fucked me. it was surprisingly hard to fuck while floating about in the water. and our friends were still watching and taking photos. so it was a bit weird. and it was so cold. we decided to get out and go back to his hostel. the pool at his place was a bit warmer, so we spent a good hour in the water and on the side with his cock in my mouth and pussy. it was really fun but hard to get a good rhythm in the water.

earlier in the night i had met another guy, 176, who i had wanted to fuck for a couple of weeks. he was really hot in a tall, tanned, tattooed, pierced, australian, singlet and skinny jeans wearing way, so, my type. we had swapped numbers so i could meet up with him later in the night. while i was with 175, he kept calling me and texting me to go over to his. he was having a bit of a party and as it was my last night, i was keen to have more fun. 175 apparently takes ages to cum, and by now we had been at it for an hour an half and i was cold and thinking about 176. i told 175 i had to go to this party and he knew i had to leave for the airport in 3 hours so understood. it was a shame cause i had wanted him so much for so long. but my priorities for my last night was just to have a crazy time. so i ran out the hostel at 5am into a taxi to take me out to the suburbs to a random house to meet this other guy. when i got there he was hanging out with a mate, they were both so high. after about 2 mins he was like, erm, i think you need to be naked now. i was thinking there would be some 3some times, but he asked his mate for a blanket and hid us under there while he rubbed my pussy and made me take my clothes off. he was telling me to get his cock hard so i slid under the blanket and sucked his cock. he was so high tho it was hard to get anything out of him. he tried to fuck me, but there wasnt much to work with. i could tell normally he would have a great big cock, but all the drugs he had taken had an adverse effect. we went into the bathroom so we could try properly. he was begging me to get his cock hard and talk dirty to him. he was such a mess it just wasnt hot. i tried to a bit, but had little patience and told him i was done. he then begged me to let him play with me. he was very rough and i wasnt really enjoying it. he got on the bathroom floor and i straddled his face while he ate my pussy. he was good at that. and i enjoyed that for a while. but it was getting late. i knew i had to get home to finish packing and that was more on my mind than what he was up to down there. i told him i needed to go and that one day if im ever back in town and he isnt high then we can do this properly. we made out a bit while i waited for a taxi and rode off back to my apartment at 7am. i managed to get packed and get in a taxi in time for my flight. i was glad i had done both of my last night boys but wish either of them had been a bit more resolved.


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