…had bandaged sex

i am still in bed recovering from my scooter crash and just had my personal trainer over to give me a nice relaxing rub down. it took him about 2 minutes to get me out of my dress and thong, leaving me naked except for my bandages. i cant really do anything except lie on my back so he gently lifted my legs onto his shoulders and slid his fat cock into my dripping pussy. its been 4 days since i got any sex so i had been getting really horny. i played with my clit while he slid in and out of me. i moaned for him to fuck me harder and reached for my vibrator and worked it on my pussy till i exploded on his cock. then he pulled out of me and knelt over me and fucked my face till he came in my mouth. he got up, got dressed and left me in bed to nap and recover. 


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Fri Nov 4 , 2011
so ive browsed my old favorite “dating” site since ive been hhere in aus but have not really felt the need or urge to follow through with any potentials. however, spending almost 2 weeks in bed pts a different outlook on things. i met 170 on the site about a […]
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