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so i have a big change coming up in a few days. im leaving the town i live and moving to a farm in the outback to become a nanny for a month and earn my 2nd year visa. hang on, yeah, i said im gonna be a nanny. i will be sharing my room with a 3 year old boy and be living with the family 24/7. what does this mean for me and camming i hear you ask. well they boys nap a few hours in the afternoon and i will be trying to jump online then and when everyone has gone to bed. so expect a fair few outdoors show, a lot of whispering and some quick endings. in preparation i am making as many videos as i can this week so you have something a little bit more naughty to see while i am away. its a good job i am really horny and desperate to get fucked at the moment. i just got all saucy in the shower and now im gonna stick a dildo to the wall in my kitchen and suck and fuck it as if it is real. im also gonna push my limits in a anal and then a dp video. i cant wait. i used to slip this big toy up my ass but it has been a while and i might need a little warming up. argh my pussy is tingling now thinking of what i get to do. im off to satisfy my cravings.


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  1. Hi, I'm australia on a working holiday too. I thought I might let you know being a nanny on a farm might not count to extend your visa. If you say you were 'farming etc' then you should be ok but don't write down nanny of your visa form.

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