…joined a swingers website

im not going into sexual detail right now cause what i need to do is schedule the rest of my week to fit in all the fun im trying to have! i only have two nights or days can i do things. so im planning a variety of sneaky fun. this is who im trying to fit in:

  1. Bo – wants to be controlled. i want to tease and edge him for as long as i see fit.
  2. Ben – has a beautiful butt and body and wanna bury our faces in our butts
  3. Bill – just has a massive cock. it looks so amazing. i want to just be left to play with it how i want!
  4. Con – is hottt. we wanna try some kinky roleplay, currently deciding what exactly!
  5. Mr P – he came over last time and ate a strangers cum out my pussy before cumming in my mouth and letting me kiss him and give it all back to him. very skilled too.
  6. Hunger – wants to explore some bi play and is offering to bring a friend along to play.

5 could be useful to come in after any of these and get up to similar play as last time. i would like him to be my cum slut again. that is definitely something i am very into. i need to explore my cuckold side desperately. also none of these cover my need for sleep rape. i have to get someone in tonight i think for that, well any night. i love it. i wont wake up, ill let someone come in and use me however they can with my limp body.

i was trying to get 5 to come with me to see 6, but he isnt up for it. ill just be fucking him in the ass with his strap on instead.

got 1 booked in for tonight, 2 for tomo and ill have to have 3 on thursday, followed by 5 to eat his cum and take it in the ass.

no i have to find a play mate for me and 6 for friday. then i still have saturday. and i think ive just found somone im very interested in making a video with!

busy week. im like a kid in a sweet shop since i joined a swingers website!


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Wed May 17 , 2017
i know for sure, 100% i just had the best sex of my life. with a stranger. i met him on the swinger site yesterday. he likes a woman in control and i have been wanting to flex my alpha muscles. we decided upon tease and denial, fluffy dom shit. […]
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