…started planning resolutions

i was watching an interview with miicky rourke the other day and they were talking about the time he alegidly slept with 14 women in one night. it turns out the reality was that it was 13 in 7 days. im sure i have or can beat that. 4 in one day is my record so that would only be 4 days of that. or 2 a day or a mix of a few and none and lots. so my aim for january is to beat that. i think a general new years resolution is to have more sex.


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...finally got the internet back

Wed Dec 29 , 2010
so im back from the village and online. i have written while i was away. so ill post these on the dates i wrote them. so they will be before this. never mind. so since i have been back, all of 12 hours, i have signed up to be a […]

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