…had a 3some with two brothers


i wanted one of them and i was too drunk at the pub to decide anything. the brother of the one i want put me in a cab and they both, 84 & 85, got in. not sure how it got from the cab to me being bent over being fucked from behind by one, while i sucked the other ones cock, but i was happy to make them both happy. they were telling each other and telling me what to do. It was kind of wierd hearing one guy tell his brother “ooh fuck her slutty pussy hard, yeah thats right, good boy” and hi-fiving each other over me. i was fucked and i sucked each of them in all kinds of combinations. I know they tried to both do me at once, which i have always wanted to do, but i dont remember if it actually happened. I was pretty drunk so it was generally very messy and not entirely clear in my memory. it got to the point where everyone was a bit done and we needed more drugs, so they decided to go off, get drugs and come back and fuck me more. after they left i sobered up a bit and decided i definitely did not need anymore brotherly love and went to sleep. i later found out that one of them had a girlfriend, and that night she had been in hospital giving birth to their baby. so that is nice! I have kissed brothers before, not at the same time, tho. so this was a new kind of family experience.


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