…fucked a girl for revenge

i was seeing this guy who i really really really liked. like insanely liked. like if he was in the city center i could smell him, i would know if he was at a club cause like some wierd animal i could pick up his scent for miles around. anyway, this guy had a girlfriend. i knew this and i knew he was a knob with bad taste aswell. so when i used to see him making out with some 16 yr old cubby chav i wasnt surprised. i didnt wanna seem like a crazy, possevive bitch or anything, so i decided to make friends with her. this way i would seem like the bigger person and it would freak him out! and i love making people think i am their friends when actually i am thinking all about how i am shitting on them when we talk! anyway, sidetracked again. i managed to convince her the best way to get back at him fucking us both over was by making out with each other so he could see. the situation was such that this all went on for several weeks, everytime we were all out. i was really not happy with the situation and i really wanted to fuck her over. so for some reason the best way i could think of to do that was, to go to the toilet with her an as soon as we got into a cubicle started making out with her. I moved pretty fast as i knew if she thought about it, she wouldnt be down with it, so after having my hand down her pants and my tongue in her mouth for a few minutes, i pulled her trousers down an got on my knees. i got well in there and licked her pussy and finger fucked her for as long as i could, till she freaked out and said she cant do this and ran out the toilet. i dont think she stopped kissing my boy, but she certainly knew who was boss! erm or maybe i just ate fat teen chav pussy!!!


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...couldnt take it anymore

Fri Nov 20 , 2009
this blog aint all glamorous stories of what amazing, crazy sex i have had and how it is so totally more than normal. my sex life does and will contain pretty bland and bad experiences, and boring stories. i think they all just add up to a nice un-fantastical and […]
Pete Doherty

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