…reached 100

it is done. i have reached 100. 99 was last week and 100 was this week. they are both a little bit famous, in bands and are two of the hottest guys i have ever fucked. i had been lining it up with 100 for a while and i told his flatmate, my mate, about the fact my next one was to be 100. his flatmate had been using 100 as collateral in a little buisness deal we are doing and wasnt going to release him to me till we had signed off on it, sort of like a sweetener for me. so on the night, 100 came up to me and was like, fuck it, im not wating anymore, i dont care if the deal is done or not, i want you. he told me he had heard i had a momentous number coming up and that he thought he should be it. his flatmate hadnt told him what number it was, so i told him. he was impressed and we agreed it would be really good for him to be 100. i took him back to mine and made out for a while before he got me naked. i was actually pretty nervous. he went down on me for ages. which was great, but it can get a little boring if i know im not gonna cum. when i eventually dragged him away from my pussy he knelt over me and put the fattest most porno dick in my face i have ever seen. it was massive. not too long, just right, but so fat, it was amazing. i sucked on it for a while an then couldnt wait any more. i wanted my 100. he liked fucking me really deep and hard which can be hard for me at the best of times, as im quite little, but with his knob i kept having to calm him down. he fucking nailed it though when he stuck his fingers hard in my ass at the same time tho. it was so good and a little bit filthy. we tried to get him in my ass, but it was way too big and its been a while since i have done that, so we agreed to keep trying another time. anyway we had a good energetic fuck and after we recovered i was like, oh fuck yeah, 100 and we high fived. it was hilarious. he stayed over and in the morning we had some more sex and hung out. turns out he is pretty funny and nice as well as stunning. and he said i dont have any choice, an it will be happeing again. it wasnt particularly crazy or wild, but i am very happy with my 100 and will be proud to show him off as the magic number. so i have 100, now where do i go from here?

Edit August 2019. 100 is famous now. He tours Europe and has done vocals on a house track that I heard when I was in Disneyland in California a few years ago! Another fuck buddy in Las Vegas put on a playlist, for sex, and 100 was on lots of the songs! Another weird crossover from my old life to new.


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