…had two lame ducks

so last night an old favorite 27 was out again. he didnt pester me as much as last week where he was rubbing my pussy in front of everyone and pretty much fucking me at the bar. but come the end of the night he was after a bit again. we made out for a while, and i was gonna send him home with just that, as i had another boy waiting to go home with me in the other room. but i thought fuck it, he wont know. so we went down to the toilets. he felt some need to get me naked, which i guess wasnt hard as i only had a dress on with tights and no other underwear. i could here people outside clearing up and someone tried to come in, so i was like, erm lets leave it. but he got his cock out an rubbed it agains my pussy from behind, picked me up and pushed me against the sink and started fucking me. this was great, apart from the fact he was clearly wasted and couldnt keep his cock hard. we carried on for a while, but it just seemed like a waste of time. i got off and told him it would be best to leave it now, slapped his ass and walked out. just down the corridor was my other boy for the night, 60. while we were gettin ready to leave 27 kept calling me and texting me asking me over, but i hadnt seen 60 for 4 years and wanted to take him home. when we got home i was so tired i just wanted to pass out, but he made quite a romantic effort at undressing and kissing me. his kissing was a bit intense, all tongues and biting, which i like, but i dont need my whole face licked. also what is it with boys wanting to kiss every inch of my body atm? i quite like it, but i find it a bit wierd and boring. anyway after teasing me for ages he went down on me, he is really good at it. after quite a while, he came back up and started fucking me, but after about 30 seconds he came. he tried carrying on fuckin me, but obvs he was too soft by then. i didnt mind as i was tired and i much preffer someone to cum quickly than take ages or not at all. i find it a compliment. i will definately be seein more of him now he is back in the city. but hopefully i wont end up with two lame ducks in one night again.


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