…did it on a building site

there is a guy on my list, dance boy, number 24. i don’t really remember anything about him apart from we had a dance off a few times at this club i used to go to back home. i thought he was gay, but obviously not. one night he got hold of me and we ended up running about the city center together at 3am. we took all our clothes off and jumped into the big fountain, then we rolled out into the neighboring flower beds, where we tried to fuck. it was a bit too public, in the middle of the square, so we went off into an alley, but as we got into each others pants a massive flood light went on and we had to run off. not sure how, but we ended up on the scaffolding on the side of a building down another alley. i held onto the scaffolding in front of me while he fucked me from behind. i remember his brown corduroy coat. that is the last thing i remember. but that isn’t the only time i got it on in the streets of my home town.


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