…gave a boy a bj on cctv

i used to run an event in club land. i was badly behaved and fully took advantage of the free drinks i was given. i like a good flirt, a quick flash and to tease. which i did with the staff all the time. not that i ever did anything about it. i thought.

a couple of weeks ago, i went back to the venue and the manager told me that, back in the day, they had all watched me, drag one of the bar boys into the staff room, get on my knees and blow him till he came on my face. no wonder all the staff there used to ask me when it was their turn!


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...started a list

Sat Nov 14 , 2009
im not sure exactly when i started it but i was about 15 i think. i wanted to keep a record of everyone i had ever kissed, touched or slept with. ever since we all started kissing people, me and my school friends would compete with how many we had […]
Charts about my sex life

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